Fireman: “Sticker Of T.B. Joshua Stopped My Bedroom From Burning” – Tee Mac Iseli

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T.B. Joshua continues to stake a claim as one of the influential pastors around, continuing to gather a fan base from celebrities to sport stars to even by common folk.

After his popular exorcism of Jim Iyke weeks back, another celebrity has come out to endorse the pastor.

Reports surfacing online alleged that former PMAN president Tee Mac Iseli attributed the end of a fire that ravaged his house to a sticker of T.B. Joshua.

According to the reports, Tee Mac said that the fire couldn’t get past his bedroom to other part of his house because of the sticker of the pastor.

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  1. God can use any foolish thing for his glory. He can use the picture of his servant, mud, water, stone, dirty water, name them. Listen to the amazing testimonies of people all over the world conerning anointed sticker and water and you’ll know what I am saying

  2. when bible said that paul’s apron was brought to sick persons and they were healed most of you here that are full of empty minded thought it was a story, when you don’t have time to read your bible all this things will always sounds unbelivable to you. The things of the spirit is always too foolish to the fools bible said so.

  3. Gods end of tyme chrch will have great infuence,provking e gates of hell .jesuse is lord let every prays be to him so to e father.lets pray for e real gold in evelasting life not vanity this tyme shal past lyk dust kkkkkkkkkk be wise pray for wisdom and our creator will provide. Sean gatsi phd ministries zimbabwe.

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