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ENCORE speaks to Nigeria’s current political and social events, symbolically challenging the nation that it faces the same cycle if it repeats the actions of its fathers. The movie also aims at reflecting on the nation’s journey thus far; and evokes introspection after 100 years as an amalgamated territory and one bloody civil war. Encore will join in leading the nation’s charge as it seeks out solutions to issues bordering on creativity and industry, social consciousness and the often-tensed social cohesion in the nation.

ENCORE attests to Moran Entertainment’s commitment to giving freshness and dynamic creativity in Nollywood, working with mostly fresh but highly talented actors, actresses and crew on mostly uncharted locations such as the Gurara Falls, Niger State. This piece is set to become one of Nollywood foremost productions that boasts of ‘night scenes’ shot in ‘daylight’ and well executed Computer Generated Imagery – CGI; techniques which, many directors in this part of the world have hitherto shied away from. This adventure thriller flick is already enjoying glowing reviews with Veestaonline.com referring to Encore as “an ambitious feature which promises a bucket-full of spasms”; and Ynaija.com rating it as the fourth most anticipated Nollywood movie, only behind the likes of Chimamanda Adichie’s film adaptation for ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’.  Though Achor Yusuf is a known film director/producer (and co-founder of Moran Productions with Mr. Mohammed Ali), ENCORE is his latest cutting-edge film which brings a perspective to directing that is rare yet exciting in Nollywood.


Movie Title: ENCORE

Duration: 87 mins

Producer/Director: Achor Yusuf

Producer: Mohammed Ali.

Writer: Mohammed Ali

Production Company: Moran Entertainment;

Cast: Belindam Efah; Andrew Douglas; Joseph Benjamin; Susan Theck; Iyke Azinge; Angel Precious; David Abalaka; Ali Karim.

Location: Gurara Falls – Niger State; Abuja; Film Institute, Jos.


ENCORE is an edgy adventure thriller set against the backdrop of an allegorical tale about Shiba kingdom – a land soon taken over by greed and avarice, killings, violation, abuse and cruelty.

The story is told from the present day; Ibrahim, a 24-year-old nerdy student of geology leads his study group members and a few of their friends on expedition into a forest that once was home to the Shiba tribe, to see the only surviving monument of a generation, a stone altar in which a precious gem believed to have been the object of a major dispute amongst the ancients is said to have been tucked away. Finding themselves just a little past midnight in a web of mysterious happenings, and armed with nothing but sheer basic instincts for survival, they must now withstand this colossal force or risk a re-enactment of history.

Director’s Statement:

With Encore, I aimed at showing the futility that consequently plagues man’s every quest to erect a moral fortress from which he can stand to dispense justice over his fellow man’s actions and or “inactions.”

In creating the nerdy character of Ibrahim as a tour guide for his study group members and friends, we not only had the privilege of taking a peek into the life of an extremely brilliant young man, whose strongly accented moral views set him up against his friends, but were served a rude awakening when we with him inadvertently began to toll a path in search for the answers to the intrigues created in his covert quest to uphold his ideologies, which were premised on his “sense” of history.

Indeed, my treatment for the story sets out as a query on the nature of human existence: “Could life be a history of consequences, the consequence of an imbalanced sense of history, or both?” Therefore, liberating the character was necessary as we would later come to see the outcome of his own choices and that of his friends even as they get to dance to the music created by one, and if not all, of them.  


Achor Yusuf is an established Director and Producer as well as Managing Partner and co-founder of Moran Entertainment along with Mr. Mohammed Ali. He brings a perspective to production and directing that is rare yet exciting and is, given to projecting dynamic African creativity in TV, Motion and Feature presentations to the industry, the world over.

Achor is a B. Tech holder in Motion Picture Production/Industrial Design from the National Film Institute Jos, Plateau State. Some prior works to his production and directorial credit include:

Tv shows:

  • Producer/Director “Memory Card” (made-for-tv movie for EBONYLIFE TV) 2013.
  • Director, “Nigerian Idols” (Nationwide Auditions), 2012.
  • Producer/Director, “The Maze” (13 Episodes Drama series for RajCom), 2008.
  • Director, “Young Single & Free” (Season Two; for Consolidated Media Associates – CMA), 2007.

Director, “Young, Single & Free” (a 13 episode Sitcom), 2005.

  • Director, “THE STATION” – a 52 Episode Drama Series (a Bill Clinton Initiative on Global Peace for “Search for Common Grounds Foundation”) 2005-2006.

Events and commercials:

  • Director, “Ibom Golf Classic” (Commercial for SO&U – Saatchi and Saatchi), 2007.
  • Director, “MTN & U” Show – 3.5G launch event, 2007.
  • Facilitator, “Motion Picture Production Workshop” (National Film Institute, Jos), 2010.
  • Consulting Director and Instructor, Motion Picture and Production Training Programme; Art@tack Film Academy, 2011.

Feature length (movie):

  • Director/Producer, “Encore” (Feature length film), 2013. (www.encorethemovie.com)
  • Director, “Half Empty, Half Full” (Feature Length film), 2007.

Short film and documentary:

  • Director, “A call to Serve” (Documentary for National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Mid-wives), 2010.
  • Director, “NMA at 50” (Documentary for Nigeria Medical Association), 2010.
  • Producer/Director, ” If you want to Shoot” (Documentary), 2004.
  • Director, “The Room” (Short Film for MNET New Directions), 2008
  • Writer/Producer/Director, “Coin” (Short Film), 2003.
  • Director, “In the light of the Night” (Short Film), 2003.
  • Director, “Will a Grace” (Short Film), 2002
  • Writer/Producer/Director, “Pen, Apple” (Short Film), 2001.

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