Did Clarence Peters Steal The Idea For Tiwa Savage’s ‘Eminado’? [VIDEOS]

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Tiwa Savage’s Eminado is one of the biggest singles of her debut album, Once Upon A Time, and she chose none other than respected director Clarence Peters to direct the video.

It has however been alleged that Clarence Peters had committed intellectual theft, after a video, which looks exactly like Tiwa Savage’s, surfaced.

Could it be a very strange coincidence? Or did he lift someone’s idea? Watch the videos below, and let us know what you think.

Tumi and the volume – Asinamali

Tiwa Savage Ft. Don Jazzy – Eminado [Official Video]



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  1. Iyam laughing in spanish… same story when Moe did Skelewu video… It’s never totally new people, it is called grafting.. one video inspires another…

  2. No idea is truly original, almost all art is inspired by something else. Who first made the booty shaking video. Wow but na serious dubbing sha, although he added a little jare.

  3. Now this is sad. First time I saw Olamide’s Durosoke Video, I was too disappointed to see it to the end. I saw it another time and was more disappointed when I realized Clarence Peters directed the video. A poor imitation of Chamillionaire’s – Good Morning Video. I still think he’s good at what he does though, he may just be a tad lazy for now.

  4. As mentioned above, nothing is original!! Granted.
    Its great to see your work being used as a reference to inspire others.
    But I do think that it is unacceptable when shots from an original video are used in the copycat, right!!?? Disappointed that ‘grafting’ translates to ‘stealing’!
    please share your thoughts…..

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