Charlie Sheen Grants A Dying Cancer Patient’s Last Wish

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Charlie Sheen invited a man who was dying from cancer to his home to fulfill his dream.

The actor’s team was contacted by Marion Minchuk, who has been told he has just a month to live. Marion was eager to meet the Hollywood star before he dies and Charlie granted his wish in style.

The generous actor paid for Marion, his girlfriend and nurse to travel first class from Arizona to Los Angeles. He also splashed out on them staying in the Presidential Suite at the Universal Hilton hotel.

Charlie invited the group to his mansion and a chef rustled up a sumptuous meal for them, before they went to the actor’s screening room to watch Sandra Bullock’s new movie Gravity, according to TMZ.

Marion was also treated to a tour of the set of Charlie’s TV show Anger Management. He was even allowed to sit in Charlie’s special chair during the visit.

To top the trip off, Marion was thrilled when Charlie presented him with signed copies of his iconic film Wall Street and a script from Anger Management.

The 48-year-old star is known for his generous gestures.



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