Catch Kach: An Interview With The Talented Rapper, Kach

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King A-Maz of 360nobs caught up with fast rising rapper, Kach who is well known for his collaboration with Lami on the love song, Red Lights. He also released another explosive track recently titled Kach Tension (links below). Check out Kach talking about his life & music.

Hello Kach, nice to meet you. So let’s start the conventional way by asking how did you chose the name Kach?

Uche Kach. It was a nickname that was given to me by friends in secondary school, it just kind of ‬stuck.

So where did you grow up? The places that influenced your music.

I grew up In Lagos even though I later went to England to study…so I’d say Lagos influenced me more

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That’s cool. So when did you decide to go into music? What was the inspiration? The defining moment.

I decided in my 2nd year at university. After I recorded my first song in a friend’s room‬. Hearing it back made me realize this was what I wanted to do

Can you tell us how you came to write your very first song? The inspiration, the process… How many years back was that?

I actually used to write songs in secondary school with some friends. It was not that serious, there was really no process then but it’s just something I always liked so I just kept at It so when I decided to be serious… U know it was just that‬


 So what has changed right now? How is your writing process like presently? How do you go about making a new song?

The process is more professional, much more tailored to me as an artist, there is a real emphasis on perfection in the music I try to make, from the writing, to the production to the mixing of the track.

What do you look for in a producer? Do you have a favourite? Which producer in Nigeria will you love to work with the most?

I look for talent and creativity mostly, but I also like to have a musical understanding with any producer I am working with. No, I don’t really have a favourite. After being fortunate to have worked with Sarz, if I had to pick other producers to work with, I would  love to work with  Leriq,  Don Jazzy, [and] Spellz.‬

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 Do you have a style of music? A kind of sound that you’ll like to be known for?

I enjoy all types of music and sounds. But I tend to prefer a more mellow slower tempo sound. I think it really allows  the artiste express themselves. Not to say this can’t be done with other sounds ‬

 Your two current hits – Red Lights and Kach Tension are very different. Almost like opposites in style as far as the Nigerian music industry is concerned. How did you manage to explore two opposites?

Like I said I dabble in different genres and sounds and having lived in two different regions of the world. It allows me understand and appreciate these 2 different and distinct sounds.‬

 How did you get to work with Lami and how was the experience?

Our labels are partners they made the introduction. Luckily she loved the song Red Lights. The experience was a pleasure she has a great voice [and] is very creative. I learnt from working with her. I love working with different artists and bringing different ideas together on a song. So, it was definitely a pleasure‬.

 So any last words to fans, friends and critics?

Jus keep listening keep watching keep supporting. A lot of things planned throughout the end of the year and onwards . We’re coming.‬ God bless.

Listen to Red Lights Ft. Lami by Kach

Download Red Lights

Listen to Kach Tension


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