Become A 360Nobs Employee and Get A Free Tablet!

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Yes, the title is exactly what you read. Join the 360nobs team, and get a free tablet.

I’ve been writing for 360nobs for about a year now, and last week the bosses ‘surprised’ me with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

I should be raving about how grateful I am to them for the ‘surprise’, but given that they should have given me since July, I’m not exactly too elated.

You see, 360Nobs is a goal-oriented organisation that aims to bring out the best in individuals while giving them the right incentives to help them meet their goals.

I was promised a tablet when I joined if we could average over a certain number of views for a month, and being the star bloggers we were, it was cleared quickly.

Who no like free tab?

And now, since I’m like a celebrity blogger (LOL) and don’t want to work too much again, (yes fame make us lazy. Such a wonderful thing), I’m looking for someone who’s willing to join the 360Team and work with us to cross even higher barriers.

You never know, when you meet your own target, it could be a Rolex wristwatch. Or a car. Or land in Banana Island (don’t be a thief).

If you’re interested, send me a mail at, highlighting why exactly you’d be not just good, but amazing for this position. Attaching an original article you’ve written before won’t hurt too.

One last thing you must know how to use WordPress and be able to edit images.

I want to plug my tab in before NEPA takes light.  *shines teeth*



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