#ASUUstrike Update: We’ll open the schools with or without ASUU – FG

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5months into 2013 ASUU STRIKE!

Let’s gist again today, how was your day…. This is supposed to be a news but I decided to make it very informal. It was related that FG and ASUU are to meet finally on Monday – (4.11.13) and HOPEFULLY call off the strike that same day.

The Vice-President Namadi Sambo and Supervising minister of Education Nyesom Wike led FG team met with ASUU delegates and after the meeting a source close to the Vice President said the delegate will meet with President Jonathan at the Presidential Villa on Monday.

The interesting and hilarious part of the gist is that FG said even if ASUU decides not to call the strike off, they will open the schools. (Me, I don’t know how they intend to do this oh). But, we’ll wait and see what good would come out of this meeting on MONDAY!

If FG says they’ll open the school with or without ASUU? Who would teach the students – the politicians? This is a developing story. We’ll keep you posted.



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  1. The federal government has to wake up from their slumber and stop jeopardizing the future of these young people and change their poor educational system for good instead of trying so hard to enrich themselves #daft leaders#

  2. if dat will b d solution let fg go ahead bcos asuu is nt considderate of der student atall. asuu knw fg is nt goin 2 implement all of der demand bt dey are still pressing keepin innocent student at home nd lettin our parents getin worried over notin.

  3. I believe that most of the people here are learned people, or at least I hope so. ASSU strike is politically motivated, some people who believe that it’s their turn to lead Nigeria has been on their toes since Jonathan mounted office as the GCFR. They swore to make Nigeria ungovernable they tried Boko and it becomes clear that their strength is failing them they turned more sinister by keeping students at home… I know some of you will jump at me like a hungry lion to devour me by for not mentioning the fact that there was an agreement with the FG. In 2009….yes.. Am not trying to exhonerate this govt from all blames..but ASUU should prove that they are not just fighting a political war by going back to negotiation table with the FG…or else, this truth will always remain…..ASUU.

  4. its true and clear now that this strike has political undertone. and i think its time for the president to act like machiaveli’s prince.
    if that wil work, its ok for me cos am tired of home

  5. I m tired of hearing people say that ASUU is politicizing the strike. The federal government should do the right thing by doing what she agreed to do. I am a student and I am frustrated by this strike as is every other person but that doesn’t mean I should not be realistic. I pray that they both reach a palatable resolve on monday. I miss my girl friend

  6. let FDR gov wake up from its slumber ASUU is right non of 9ja versity is rated 1001 position in d world. when are we ready to struggle 4 our right (edu). if d strike is called off wit out asuu wat will be name of the universities, students’ park? don’t forget their children are abroad.

  7. I want to sure of everything,why is FG wasting time to met the demand of ASSU.Education minister should follow up,our senators,governors,ministers,house of rep,they should team-up for the number one best right in world,education is the pride of every continent.what is our educational pride (strike).

  8. i was actually thinking of some setting things concerning this issue,those in position now do they ever witness such a calamity during their time in sch.

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