#ASUUStrike Update: No salary, No resumption -ASUU

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has said it will not call off this present strike until the four months salaries the government is owing its members are paid.  The union is also calling for an immediate implementation of the N1.2tn offer by the Federal Government to Universities, with immediate release of N100bn this year. The balance of N1.1tn is then to be spread over five years from 2014.

These were some of the resolutions reached by members of the National Executive Council (NEC) of the union who converged in Kano on Friday to discuss on whether to call off the almost-five-months industrial action or not. It was discussed that they will meet with president Jonathan on fresh demands. The date for the new meeting hasn’t been fixed though. SIGH!

According to a source, a strong commitment to the two demands, among other pending issues, must be obtained from the President before the industrial action will be called off by the union. He said: “The issue now is on trust and we do not want a situation where promises will not be kept. The authorities have failed us in the past and we do not want a repeat of that.

That was why we decided at the NEC meeting that the government should pay us the arrears of salaries being owed us since we started the strike on July1 before the strike can be called off.

The salaries should not be paid piecemeal.  We also insist that the Federal Government should start the implementation of the offer made to us when we met the President some weeks ago.” 

My fellow Nigerian students….the saga continues sadly 🙁 …… all this yo-yo movement surrounded by the strike – on-off-on-off – we wait with bated breathe on a conclusive update on this ASUU vs Federal Government SAGA.  I suppose its probably fair to say schools are closed for this year and we go just resume for 2014. I tire.

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  1. What will asuu do with d N100b now dat d year is almost out? They r only finding it difficult 2 tell d public dat d strike will b over next yr.what sort of arant nonsense is this? reap where u did nt sw? Com’ on asuu, consider d plight of d nigerian university system & call off d strike.

  2. these Asuu people won’t kill us believe me,to have even thought of been paid salary for a wrk they never did makes the entire body foolish nt to talk of coming in the actual sense to demand for it shows that they aren’t true to their course and as a matter of fact b dessolved.long live naija i know d federal government is wise enough not to agree to such greediness on d part of d asuu who has engaged in d strike as a means to feather their own nest

  3. asuu guys have turn from heroes to a bunch of villans.the strole started out as a fight for a noble cause.everybody backed them. Then the agreement with FG came (which meant they had to compromise, diminishing the value of the struggle ).Then came the mourning.Now they want their salaries 4 not working and not achieving the strike purpose. meanwhile the students (who are supposed to be the focus of discussion ) are left in the background.am so disappointed. I totally forgot that we cannot have a group of “freedom Fighters ” for the common people without a taint of politics and self-interest.Asuu and f*****g FG, God sees you!

  4. Asuu members were just figthing for themselves……if u are asking the govt to pay you for work not done, what will be the gains of student for been asked to sit at home too without lectures?…….God sees all.

  5. na wao dis asuu don dey strike pas drogba o bcos asuu na dey badest striker i on earth. We students are tired of this ongoing asuu strike, Pls you two should resolve this ASUU vs FG stuff. Remember the old saying that says “when two elephants fight, the grasses around them suffer”. we are suffering pls this strike should end it cause pls.

  6. ‘m so sick n tired of dis annoying piece of crap called asuu. for God sake aint u suppose to call off d strike after d lecturers voted against it 60–40? wat’s now dis new talk about salaries, so fg shud pay u for sitting at home n also wasting our precious time. asuu is just looking 4 more excuses not to call off dis strike, very soon dey wud say fg shud bring mr iyayi of blessed memory back to life before dey call of dis strike,, to hell with asuu, God dey

  7. Mayb wen these morons(ASUU) are ready 2 call off d strike,we students won’t b in mood 2 come bak 2 skool,den dey wil teach dia heads……greedy bastards

  8. bunch of educated fools, it now obvious what dey want. My president sack dis bunch of fools, shey b dem like huz make dem stay huz. SAKE THEM IOOIIOOIOOIOIOOOOOOOOOOO GEJ

  9. Dis guys ar lucky its no longer d tym of OBJ, he wuld av dissolved d so calld asuu nd employed some qualified unemployed personnels hu wuld even do beta at d job rather than dialoguing with these heartless fools

  10. Funny guys! After fighting for the good of the Nigerian university system and victory is at sight, you people think it’s wrong for them to fight for their own good? They stayed at home even when they had nothing to eat, some of their children were sent away from school yet they kept holding on and you think it’s wrong for them to ask for their salaries. Ok for some of you whose parents are lecturers, who’ll be resuming school when the strike is probably called off tomorrow (hopefuly) after the chapter meeting, i wonder how you’ll get money to go back to school. Sometimes we human beings just refuse to see past ourselves.

  11. ASUU is an organised body. Just as the Government has a “NO WORK, NO PAY” policy, ASUU also has a “NO PAY, NO WORK” policy. So there’s nothing you or the Government can do about it. They just have to pay them. They invoked theirs and now it’s the turn of ASUU to invoke their own policy.

  12. No national interest, Fuck asuu!!! Money has never been the problem of dis country. the little our schools ve is much compared to others, but money never satisfies as we all know and the thief will always seem not to ve enough.

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  15. most of u making comments on this forum is either ignorant or foolish. u asked what will students get from d strike. do u think if the N 1.3tr is for assu why boder to ask for merge 4 months salary. the money is to build hostiles, lab & library. are all this not for students. for your information asuu can not have access to money. since the government release d money only to contractors (which is still government cronies). to carry out this projects.

  16. Those calling asuu names are the most stupid fools i have ever come across. if the federal government had implemented the agreement there would have been no need for the strike. Also the work you are saying was not done will be completed by asuu before moving to the next level or are you people saying that they should forget completing the areas of work and move to next semester?. The law said that no work, no pay can only apply after 3 months, if the federal government means well why did they not wait to follow the law?. Once beaten twice shy.

  17. I support those that crucify asuu. There are really bunch of idiots.the union is selfish! See there is no food for a lazy man! Hw can they expect salaries when they are sitting down at home doing their personal businesses.who is fooling who? What stops them frm reopening universties and continue to. DialoGue with FG? What have they achieved for over 5months now? Nothing! Penny wise Pan foolish!

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