#ASUUStrike Update: Iyayi’s death causes ASUU to postpone NEC meeting

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As expected, the death of one time ASUU president Prof. Festus Iyayi has paused the decision making process. Iyayi who before his death was the Head of the department of Business Administration, University of Benin and also one of negotiating team of ASUU. It was reported that they were on the way to Bayero University Kano, where the decision was to be taken when his vehicle and one of the vehicles in the convoy of Kogi state Governor, Captain Idris Wada (Rtd) collided.

Iyayi who was in company of Benin Zonal coordinator of the union, Dr. Sunny Iyalo; the National welfare officer, Dr. Ngozi Ilo and University of Benin chairman of ASUU, Dr. Anthony Monye-Emina was the only one that died as Ilo was badly injured and presently receiving treatment in Lokoja General Hospital. The remaining two only escaped with minor wounds.

Eye witnesses said this ill-fated accident happened at Banda, a village close to Lokoja and neither the government nor any of the vehicles in his convoy stopped to check what had happened. Although the Special Adviser to Kogi State governor on Media and Strategy, Mr. Jacob Edi denied the accusation claiming that he did not only stop at the scene but also ordered the medical personnel in the ambulance in the convoy to attend to the victims.



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  1. Chai!!! may his soul rest in peace. so dats hw dz ASUU ppl wanna shift stdnts future by another 9 weeks or more. I hear d NEC meeting slated 4 2day has been postponed till 15th of January nxt year coz of d Prof’s death

  2. Asuu is selfish. All d students dat has died due to d strike, were they mourned. They want to kill students future cos of d death of one person bcos dier wards re graduate or abroad. Karma will meet all of them and they shall knw no peace forever cos of d blood n future of students

  3. Asuu asuu asuu! Its God who gave u people the power to do what u wish! Cus of a soul u play with the future of million youth? Its 100% unfair! U are the enemies of we students not the government! So stupid

  4. If he I min iyayi was to b ur father or ur close frnd wat will u b sayin or doin right nw….pls think bfo u tlk …..it is well

  5. D cry n blood of our lost student shall hot more life 2 u assu people as it ve started, bcos the cry of the young children assu is suffering ve reach God Almighty,b4 u assu claim is FG n nw FG have been trying their best n is just one death,n u people extended d meeting,so one death is important over many student hu hv lost deir life due to greediness assu ve,and one death is important ova millions of student that hv bin @ home 4 5 months,assu president ur really heartless.

  6. Asuu are bounch of idots GOD WILL CONTINUE to punish u ppl as u ppl has done to us for the past four month how can you ppl use becausee of death of some one still keep our hope us at home did you ppl no how many student that has lost their life coos of u ppl

  7. I don’t know the reason why public office holder(Governors) are claiming lives of people because of their own selfish interest and reckless driving. I’ve learnt over years that leader lead my example, but reverse is the case when it comes to Nigeria leaders.Most of the accident that happens nowadays on the highways are caused by governors convoy and their reckless driving and they called themself Leader. With or without convoy God can kill anybody even if u have a million convoy and security. I think our leaders should be oriented about the uses of convoy and security before they claim another person’s soul.

  8. For God sake how can one man’s death jeopardise our destinies? How is dis death different from other deaths? afterall somany students hv lost der lifes during dis period of strike and nobody cares but jst bcos of one lecturer who ws fighting for his pocket they hav now shifted d nec meeting. I feel lik crying cos i’m d most affected student. ASUU’s judgement has just begun.. I feel for d man sha bt i de vex welwel

  9. May d soul of diz man rest in peace,bt any man dat can diff left from rite knws dat diz move by Asuu 2 pospn d meeting waz a wrong move.diz mans life isn’t mor important Dan d issue at hand,it’s sad 2 comment lik diz bt it’s jst d absolute truth.Asuu’s hav bin fighting a jst course bt decision making is wat has made them d enemy nt the government.

  10. come asuu is selfish,hOw many students ave lost dia lifes during dis strike?nd how many ave dey mourn?bcos of one man dat only god knws d reason of his death,mayb as sacrifice in oda for dis shit call asuu strike to end 4eva.nai asuu won take posponed meeting indefinatly to end strike..do dey even tink abt d millions of stdents dat re idling at home hat all?..abi dem suspend premier league nd oda activities for dos ppl dat sacrifice dia lifes on sumtin of recent?asuu dey mad o…naija wen we go leave all dis nonsense..rip Iyayi.we respect u

  11. So What Happens If The Present President Dies Next? I Want To Know? Cos This Is The Begining.. The More Asuu Delay…. The More Its Members Are To Be Extincted! Mark My Words!

  12. Asuu!!! Na wa ooo… What if another person cum die again… God forbid ooo, that one na em b say we go dey house for 5yrs abi…
    Omor like dis d parol no jell, e no jell @ all… People dey die 4 our institutions yet normal activities dey commence e com b 4 dis one I mean 4 dis one way b accident na em dem no do meeting!!! Chia… No wahala sha, na to go learn work or trade na em sure pass oooo… As 4 d better them, make they begin fyn husbands ooo even if na hire purchase no P… Na read I wan read so…

  13. We feel 4 d death of prof.festus iyayi(RIP),but Asuu is playing if our minds,a lot of studnts died during dis strike,buh hvnt call off d strike 2 ,buh bcos of 1 persons soul,dey postpondd NEC meeting,remember dis education is our. Future,vision and mission!u ppls are cooptin problems 4 our future,asuu’s Executives has no value from today,most especially d leading members,God watch over our condition ,deceive em as dey did 2 us,punish dem in dis world nd hereafter…we hate Asuu

  14. We r so disappointd with d judmnt taken by dis useless Asuu..to postponed d nec meeting.,RIP to iyayi,but u ppl are pushin us to d wall,Asuu are now our real enemies,presiden of d Asuu nd oda executives they are just provokin d youth,its very unfortunate,dat ittelectual in Nigeria don’t value promises nd time..5month strike is beyond a game it is a big tragedy in lyf 4 every concernd student…Allah ya isa AsUu

  15. 4 asuu stupid old men 2 weak 2 mk decisions…sori 1 is down more 2 go cos law of karma stil stand….asuu una papa.

    F***k asuu.

    F***k nigeria

  16. hmmmm,asuu
    coz 1person is dead dats y u postponed d NEC meeting ba?
    well, remember DAT ol of us WL die.
    How many students dies during ur selfish so called strike?
    what efforts have u done in order help us DAT r alive?
    let C what u WL DO if Nasir Fagge dies today.

  17. Bcoz of d death of dis corrupt soul my future n DAT of many youth is delay…good heavens!!!Nigeria is such a backward country…all of dem shud die…bunch of fools sitting on d progress of d country,to tink dah dey ad our interect at Hart.dey shud all perish

  18. Y can’t sum pple rison b4 dey talk,a soul is lost bcos of we students,y can’t u say tins out rightly?May ur gentle soul rest in peace my great prof Amen. If all dis has bin settled a lng tym ago by FG,we won’t be on strike nw,dis is bin done so dat our younger ones will nt suffer d way we are suffering nw. Pls stop insultin ASUU nd tink of dis gentle man dat lost his life fighting 4 us nd tink of his family,wat if d man is ur father,ao will u feel?let’s try nd be sympathetic nd beg FG 2 listen 2 our pleas

  19. What kind of country is this,that everything goes,how can a man’s death deter d future of millions of people?now they have postpone the meeting because of the death,will it make the man to raise from death?is high time we stood violently against this wicked asuu n face them face to face,because these men are intentionally ruining our lives.

  20. Y should d death of 1 person makes u people to postpone d NEC meeting. Is 1 person better than many thousands of student?

  21. Frankl speaking I fink dis decision 4rm Asuu Executive is not gud enof,prof Iyayi RIP has don his own part,and life continues dey most not tie down our destinies bcos dey want 2 mourn him.seriously dey shld av a re-tink abt dis matter

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