Are You Happy?

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Ok, I’ve been off for a while as the inspiration for writing seemed to have disappeared for a minute. But the muse can’t always run too far. And while on my hiatus from putting my thoughts down in black black white, I’ve explored and actually discovered new things on my MacBook. Yea, I’m in the top league of the Apple brand users, if that is meant to feel like any sort of prestige. LOL. Pardon my little distraction there. It’s not like I want to share any of my new discoveries with you though. I’m just trying to separate myself from writing another article that was inked out of some deep, mind-swaying thoughts that sometimes gets me angry. I don’t want to think about things now or concern myself with who is doing what and then end up making it my business to criticize or do some “dick-riding”.

I read comments from my previous articles and I was once quickly accused of riding on a dick even while I was just sharing my own virtual facts about one of Nigeria’s music maestro. Nothing taken personal there though, I appreciate the sincerity of that comment and I must say I’ve been learning that art of dick-riding since I figured it could be synonymous with appreciating Nigerian talents and their remarkable impacts, especially on the young folks. And maybe with a little exaggeration. Ehehe…Writing shouldn’t be taken too seriously after all isn’t it? Not “writing” in itself though (trust me, writing is a serious business) but the process of sending a message in the writing. I’m not one that’ll follow all those “strict” writing rules that only makes the creative task even more tedious. But mind you, you may soon catch me sharing some writing tips on my little space here; it won’t be anything you’ll have to draw your nose up your eyes to learn though, I promise.

I don’t always get the idea of “following the rules” and just putting up an article in your face without relating in the most humane way possible with you. I mean, we still exist as humans, right? And our sense of communication shouldn’t be strangled by some straight-up, barely interactive article just so I don’t become too fluid or playful in my writing. We can save being serious or conforming to some norms for later. So I can’t sit behind my MacBook and pretend you’d only be interested in figuring out how the punchline should meet the narratives.

I’ll rather tell you – and in the most possible way as though we’re having a chat – about an encounter I had with a crazy driver wielding a koboko in the traffic while I was driving home with a friend last night: Hmmm…see o, the guy was trying to steer onto our lane; you know how we all want to escape to that next moving lane at the Lekki toll gate na. So, instead of this guy to wave down so we can let him fill the space in front of our car, he threatened with his koboko while he nosed his Honda bonnet to ours. I stretched close to his windshield, reached out as though I wanted to gesture an apology, then I snatched his koboko and served him a lash! Naughty. We were lucky to be on the queue ahead of him and escape the traffic immediately. I’m not sure I could handle a street fight if we should end up in one that moment. We had been invited to a wine party, myself and my friend; and funny enough, the invitation read: Don’t Drink and Drive. And there we were at the party, drinking from liquor fountains they had flowing all night! Hmmm, could the intention have been for people to come for the party, drain some glasses and then leave their cars to trek home? At least those things happen in our normal lives. LOL!

Before I start to feel like I’m doing an entirely serious task of writing and then leaving you to do the task of reading at the other end, we can share little things that makes an online social circle interesting. Yea? But only if I have the means for a one-on-one interaction here, I would ask “how was your weekend?” or “what plans do you have for the new week?”. Oh! I hate to ask people about their plans, just as much as I don’t like being asked about mine. And it’s one reason why I always find those “what you up to?” “what you been up to?” questions rather very annoying. I don’t know if anyone else does.

And before you judge me, remember we all have those little turn-offs that we can’t even pretend to deal with. I mean we don’t always have people that much in our minds (or maybe I don’t) to include them in our plans, unless they’re going serve a significant purpose that we can’t rule them out. We all have that self-absorbing side to us that makes us think and do things just for ourself. And when we ask what our friends are up to, it’s not like we totally care that much or want to be impressed by their response. Like “Oh, I’ve been shopping a lot lately. Christmas is closing in and I’m hosting a big party!” That’s not totally impressive, or is it? Especially when you’ve not had your own Christmas plans in place. It’s not like you’re not going to have one anyway. But you don’t want to feel like you’re being left behind and get caught up late in the Yuletide rush. Errrmmm…I can’t be totally wrong by that. Yea, right?

Honestly, we don’t always expect a sincere response when we ask what our friends, colleagues or loved ones have been up to. What if a friend has been up to such mischief as hitting on your girlfriend lately? Huh?? And when you pressed to know what they’ve been up to, the sincerity is not the sort you can digest. But then, we’ll always ask anyway. It’s a social media ritual that sparks or puts out the light in an online conversation. We ask those questions just for the sake of keeping up with people in our lives. Or maybe the lack of proper interaction on the social media warrants that cliché request to know whether our friend is moving out of town or searching for a new job. And it’s funny how when we meet one-on-one, I’ve never been asked those “what you up to?” questions by my friends. But it immediately becomes necessary once we’re at both ends of a social media link on BBM or twitter. And I don’t even know where these questions sounds annoying the most. I must say it is on BBM though.

But then at times, and given that we’ll always care, what a friend is up to can turn out to become the start of a business relationship, a travel plan, a party or even a one-night-stand. Yea, the sincerity of a friend telling us he/she just wants to play footsie can be a way we become ‘friends with benefits’ sometimes, and the guilty pleasure can be exciting when that happens. Or is it not? LOL!

Wait, has this article stirred any sort of confusion in your mind? Awww…I know it’s somewhat crazy how the intention of asking a simple question has translated into this whole narrative.

And if you care to tell me, I simply just want to ask: ARE YOU HAPPY?



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  1. so are u asking, coz u care?( guess not coz u don’t know us) coz u want 2 start a conversation?(probably not) coz of the benefits(that I’m so sure) u are doing same thing….

    1. Fola, I like the way you wrapped your response around the article, it actually made me laugh and the guilt of whether I truly care about your response quickly registered LOL! Well, I just wanted to know if you’re happy (and not ask “what you’re up to”) and I really care about that 😀

    1. Funke, I actually care about knowing if you’re happy…but maybe not about “what you’re up to” So be happy always! 😀

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