Appetite Of Life: Man accused of stealing 147 bags of rice

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In an extraordinary turn of events, Peter Jekoye – a 25 year old man has been taken before the Ebute Meta Margistrate’s Court for allegedly stealing 147 bags of rice.

It was alleged that Jekoye had, around 3am of October 24, 2013, broken into the shop of one Mrs. Esther Olufunmilayo and started hauling the bags. He was caught in the act as he was loading the rice into a van he brought into the area.

Jekoye was subsequently handed over to the law enforcement agents for prosecution.

Jekoye claimed to be a servant to Olufunmilayo but she denied knowing him.

The police arraigned him on Thursday on two counts of stealing and unlawful entry. He was arraigned before the court where he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The matter was adjourned till December 2 2013

All these bags of rice sef



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