5 things we learnt from Dennis Okike’s Gulder Ultimate Search Victory

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It’s no longer news that Master Dennis Okike won the tenth edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search after passing through 10 weeks of Inhumane torture (in his words), but what have we learnt from his triumph? Here are the 5 things we learnt from Dennis’s victory

1. God First
Throughout Dennis’s Search at the treacherous forest of Usaka , he always put God in his rightful position which is FIRST, he attributed all his victories to God. He never for once praised himself or said how muscular he is. He simply stuck to God. During his time at the Spear Tribe he was one of the main reason “God’s own Warriors” was added to tribe’s War Cry. He also had time to pray on his own. one notable time at the Spear Tribe was when he worshipped God and sang “Dennis can’t do without you God” ‘ “Anthony can’t do without you God”, “Ifunanya can’t do without you God”… etc. Some period during his tenure as the HAMMER tribe leader he had something bothering him but instead of bugging his jungle mates, he woke up in the night to pray. Well what can I say, he simply put God first during his search and God rewarded him with the Ultimate prize

2. Save the best for the last
Dennis was a slow starter at the jungle. He didn’t do exceptionally well in the spear tribe’s task, he mostly performed averagely and was seen as the weakest of the 3 men in the spear tribe, which was the reason he never got to become a leader in the spear tribe. one stand out task of his time at the spear tribe was when everyone had to pass under a tiny space of a wooden and quite long Log of tree, he got stuck in there thanks to his fat laps (I laughed my eyes out during that episode) fortunately for him he did averagely well and didn’t get himself evicted. when he got into the hammer tribe things began to change for him and he became almost invisible, winning 4 tasks. His feat even got the Gulder Ultimate Search anchor, Chidi Mokeme surprised. if saving the best for the last was Dennis’s strategy then it surely worked out as planned for him





3. Never Give up
Dennis was an example of the never say die attitude, he just simply refused to give up. He kept on forging ahead no matter the situation he faced, at a time during the search he had to bear and carry the almighty “STUMP OF SHAME” on behalf of Ifunanya and he didn’t let that defeat him, he had to go 48 hours of punishment without eating during his first tenure as the leader of the hammer tribe for not following Chidi Mokeme’s instructions and he still didn’t let that stop him from his goal. He was the only one out of the 3 (Edmund, Ifunanya and Dennis) who entered into the final search for the tenth symbol to find a bag of sand, he actually found 12 bags of sand. one sighting his first bag of sand which he actually thought was the tenth symbol he shouted “I found something, Thank you Jesus” well that turned out to be a bag of sand but he still didn’t get discouraged, he kept on searching and four additional 11 bags of sand, he totally evacuated all the debris from the bottom of the river yet he didn’t find the tenth symbol, still he never gave up until he found his 13 bag of glory just sitting behind a tree. unlike Edmund and pretty Ifunanya who took time to rest in between the over 3 hours of searching for the tenth symbol, Dennis never rested he just kept on searching. For that effort alone he surely deserved to be the ultimate man. They say “Heaven helps those who help themselves” I haven’t seen that in the Bible up till now but surely that adage is correct. He never gave up and the heavens smiled at him after 12 bags of sand 18a



4. Always get involved in Arguments
Come on Dennis, must you just argue with every one on camp, well Dennis was the King of Arguments, he got into arguments with almost everyone, well… He argued with Anthony (His usual Jungle enemy), Peter, Martha, Ema almost everyone in the spear tribe except Ifunanya, he also engaged in a brief argument with Bobby. He was simply an ARGUMENTATOR (is that even an English word). During the parents visit to the camp some days before the final search, his mother even had to tell him to please forgo somethings and stop arguing with just about everyone, Wise counsel Ma’am . Good for him he didn’t have arguments with Chidi Mokeme or the forever Unseen COUNSIL OF ELDERS, haha


5. Love your Mom
He simply loved his mom, his words shortly after finding and retrieving the tenth symbol were “I did this for you Mom” he surely loved his mom and that love definitely extended to his family also3a

Congrats Dennis Okike, winner of the Gulder Ultimate Search, Season 10



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  1. Dennis am happy for you, i wish one day by the grace of Almighty God i will also become A gulder ultimate Winner in Jesus Name, Amen. (Ultimate Man Jude)

  2. Dennis I congratulate U as the ultimate search 10. I hope and pray to God almighty to help me at least into the Jungle in this year, 2014 GUS. God in U I trust.

  3. dennis i greatfully thank God for ur lyf ,i thank him for d success which he shawered u with despite all d punishment u went through on behrf of ma lvly ifunanya as a leadr wow God saw u through nd made u a conqueror with d advice and prayer wch ur mum praid fr u during the visiting day congrat Dennis

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