360Submissions: Shut Up Please! We All Need Pryse by Oscar Okeke

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Yesterday, an article was sent in, heavily criticizing Chocolate City rapper Pryse. 360Nobs has no ‘beef’ of any kind with the artiste, but we provide a fair platform for fans to air their views on happenings in the industry.

And obviously saddened (and angered) by the post, another post has come in, this time fighting for Pryse and why she should be reckoned with in the industry.

Read below.

Shut Up Please! We All Need Pryse by Oscar Okeke

So the Chocolate City punchline queen has taken some heat lately in the course of her wrestle to claim a top spot in the industry. As an artist who’s yet to experience the ‘blow up’ hour in the hip hop music scene, Pryse is proving to be a student of the game by diligently playing by the rules. A rapper ordained by M.I Abaga and Audu Makori…..Seriously??….Stop her from rapping??

The delivery and lyrical content Pryse is making her come up with is a measured dose of hard and commercial, key elements that survival in this Industry would require. And a good listen to her “NewSlaves/ PoundCake” cover should make it clear that Pryse is intentionally being subtle so as to suit the structure of Naija’s rap community. Even the Chairman M.I tones down his lines from time to time, because let’s face it, he can drop some solid metaphors that will not be posted on a thousand Twitter accounts, simply because people don’t understand them. But once a simple play on words is dropped in a rhyme…it spreads like wildfire, ergo….there’s more to Pryse than meets the ears.

Her new single “NigerDeltaMoney” besides being commercially sound, is guaranteed to become an anthem in the Niger Delta region; where any musical mention of Boli and Fish will easily cause an uproar.

So to the very “erudite” music critic taking shots at Pryse, first off; you need to learn to write objectively, positioning yourself in a logical light in viewof the work you aim to put out. Talk about the song, with some sense of music savviness, stress areas where further improvements are needed, then close shop. What on earth would lead a Writer to –in a bid to criticize a piece of work- bring an Artiste’s family line to the fore?

How does that even remotely have anything to do with Pryse being your favourite Singer/ Rapper/ or whatever? You lot need to take a chill pill, for Heaven’s sake. Write if you must, critique, do whatever you please, but at least deem it fit to marry your arguments with some valid points. You don’t know the contractual dynamics at Chocolate City, it is really untoward to go out on a public forum and spew stuff you cannot substantiate. You owe it to your readers, and the general public, at least.

And lastly you need to sample you some Boli and fish and get caught in the frenzy it comes with.

What do you think? Does the industry actually need Pryse?



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  1. This is pure sentimental bullshit. Didn’t even prove she’s good. This person was likely paid by chocolate city….if the person was paid because this is too weak for that. I love chocolate city and by default I care about her so stop kissing ass and tell her the truth already!

  2. Pryse is so dumb an artist is alarming . The Struggle to force her down our truth is another things all together. Her lines are so flat calling herself the punchline queen is an insult to the likes of Blaze and Eva.
    She will not make it in the industry and thats why she’s only playing ” free gigs”.
    Chocolate City is MI with back up from Ice Prince.
    Nosa and Pryse are going no where.
    Fuck all these sentiment and trying to force us to like a “dead act”
    Pryse cannot even hold EVA’s make up brush in a booth talkless of Blaize.
    I will advise CC to save the money being spent on Pryse to pay for lawyers as regards Brymo’s case.
    “Im outstanding, no Balcony”

  3. Oscar okeke cobweb full ur ear plenty I swear,in short u b idiot,chocolate cow…..e sure me die say u dy wank wit pryse picture blind obsession make u write this pointless articule. Ma waka naked 4 u b4 u go knw say she NO SABI RAP HABA….mtcheew thunderfire u OSCAR OKEKE

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