360POEMS: Wanting YOU

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Wanting you, like you want me

We could never quite outdo each other.

Your eyes like looking at earth from mars (winks)

I’d gladly bury myself in your stare

But it’s the way you bury yourself in me that has me shaking.

I’ve never been one to understand such unions,

I never realized I was empty till you filled me perfectly.

I’m holding you so tight; I may smother life out of you.

There’s no way I would have guessed such heights existed.

I’m here slightly clad; it is time to devour your prey

Slow, fast, however you choose, you get me more than I get myself

If such pleasures were not sinful,

The whole world would be happy.

I like my body more when it is joined with yours.

Don’t stall any longer; I doubt there’s a better time than now

You sliding within,

I’d be awake long after you’re gone,

Holding on to these moments, as though they’d never occur again

Yet every time is better than the last .

Written: Karo



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  1. o boy, Na conji poem b dis o
    karo no wonder wizkid dey find u up & down.. hehe
    Nice 1!! would be better with the rhymes tho.. i like!!

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