360Features: Meet Kenya’s Hit Rap Duo, LMK254

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If you aren’t familiar already, 360Nobs is proud to introduce to you one of the biggest rap acts out of Kenya, LMK254.

LMK stands for Lyricists Made in Kenya, and is made up of Sleeky & Jay Beat, blood brothers born and raised in the capital Nairobi City in Kenya.


After being nurtured by musical parents and relatives, the duo formed LMK254 in 2008 after the 5 sibling band The Firm-Ly slowed down due to sibling relocation and different interests in music.

Sleeky and Jay focused on rap/hip-hop which they were exposed to, thanks to the hip-hop growth both in Kenya and around the world.


They were introduced to several studios across Kenya by Bigsoul, a renowned music producer and big brother.

In 2010, LMK took their music serious after Hot Hits 89.5 founder and owner David Morris in St Louis MO discovered their music online, and quickly featured She Got It on his album compilation, which also featured Murphy Lee, Vito Money, South Africa R&B singer the Late Mzee Mzizi. The mixtape ended up scooping The Jackson Awards for Best Hiphop/R&B mixtape 2010-2011.


In 2012, LMK started a country-wide tour to publicize, perform and distribute music to radio and TV. With more than 90+ songs to be released, She Got It, Hustle, and the recent release Party Fever, LMK has received massive airplay on radio and social media channels.

With a new record label, LMK has been able to work with big acts both locally and internationally. Locally they have collaborations with MTV nominee Collo (King Wa Rap) formerly Kleptomaniax and new project features with Germany-based Otis Maho from Benin to work on the track Ololufe Mi (My Love  in Yoruba). This will feature on a new African-flavoured album, The African Way(#DoingItTheAfricanWay).
With hard work in place, which never goes unrewarded LMK are the holders of Pwani Celebrity award 2013 for the Promising Group of The year which happened on 2nd Nov 2013.
Follow the links below to listen/stream and download both The African way and Get Krunky albums

Download singles from Money Motive Mixtape @ http://www.hulkshare.com/lmk254

Follow LMK254 on twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/lmk254



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  1. that’s cool Wana and we wanna hear more from em so you gotta put yo pen down and do what you do best. nice piece over there. LMK’s going places. Been asking J what they’ve been waiting for all this while. seemingly they knew precisely what they were doing!!! and a correction over there: supposed to be 500+ songs not 90+!!! and guys should really check out for ololufe mi…that’s an international hit

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