#360CampusBeauties: UNILAG (@Cisca_millz|@Miss_coel| @Beeordun|@Oseholic)

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*Whoop whoop* so we launched this segment on Wednesday, if you’re a “Lastma” go and check.  Check out Introducing #360CampusBeauties: UNILAG – @ibukun__brits| @iamMsCharming| @mz_dee| @iamthevanessa| @yvonneee_ma

Now it has been blown out of proportion as my oga (Yes, I have a very big and generous oga) rightfully informed me that the winner will be going home with a GOTV.

Still in the mood of setting p? Here are the second set of girls from Unilag……….

Please be reminded that the PRETTIEST #360CampusBeauty: UNILAG will be chosen from the total number of girls that entered this week and the winner will be announced on Sunday.

To feature, send at least 3-4 good pictures of yourself (with no watermarks) or friends can send in pictures on your behalf, your school and a little detail about you to trkingil@360nobs.com.  The school with the highest number of email entries gets the SPOT for the week and will be announced on twitter every Sunday night VIA @trkingil and @360nobs.

Name: Francisca
Department: Law
Twitter: @Cisca_millz

360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Francisca_photo 1_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Francisca_photo 2_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Francisca_photo 3_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Francisca_photo 4_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Francisca_photo 5_360nobs

Name: Ivana
Department: Pharmacy
Twitter: @Miss_coel

360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Ivana_photo 1_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Ivana_photo 2_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Ivana_photo 4_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Ivana_photo 5_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Ivana_photo 3_360nobs

Name: Beeordun
Department: Accounting
Twitter: @Beeordun

360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Beerodun_photo 1_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Beerodun_photo 2_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Beerodun_photo 3_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Beerodun_photo 4_360nobs

Name: Oseh
Department: Law

360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Oseh_photo 1_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Oseh_photo 2_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Oseh_photo 3_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Oseh_photo 4_360nobs 360CampusBeauties_Unliag_Oseh_photo 5_360nobs

You’ve seen the first five girls from UNILAG, here are the next 4 girls, what do you think? Who is your favourite #360CampusBeauty? Vote below

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  1. The pharmacist all the way. LADIES THE DUCK MOUTH MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID….STOP IT. You are not a duck and it is not pretty or enticing, it is quite awkward. And no I am not hating, y’all be honest with the rest of them.

  2. Franciscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! She’s gas to win. Even that vanessa bitch sef. She doesn’t’t want gotv, just the lil fame 😉

    1. Dont you dare raise insults. Vanessa is not a bitch. Is she advertising body like ibukun? No. Did she wear only shirt to snap picture like the other girl? No again. Class can’t be bought. Haters hon hate. Potates gon potate! Nonsense.

    1. fransisca is kinda hot but made a mistake by adding the first pic,u loonk short and scary,am not hatting cuz ur other pic look matured and beutiful,iyanna am speechless u look sweeet ,beeordun i guess u should look better in real life than in pictures tho ur last pic is wowing,oseh all your pics are exquisite but just because other gals do it and its works for them dose not make it look good on you non the less u are beutiful ,am talking abt the lips,if it were up to me the iyanna and oseh should have more vote,pls that just my view,do air yours.

  3. @steve lmao, Na tht picture still they do you, she dint expose the only body na, biko. Where is this beef coming frm. My vote to cisca

  4. @michael nd Steve, we should just come here vote nd leave, not to start judging pple unnecessarily, no be you dey win Gotv. Abeg my vote goes to Francisca

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