Zoned: “George Clooney & I Are Too Similar To Date” – Sandra Bullock

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Actress Sandra Bullock in a recent interview put fellow actor George Clooney in the friendzone, saying they were too similar to date.

The 49-year-old actress, who is sharing screen space in ‘Gravity’ with good friend Clooney, said they have never dated, reported Contactmusic.

“We go way back, so far back that we’re now started to take years off how long it’s been. We’ve known each other for a while… I think we’re probably the only two that haven’t dated in the business.”

“I think it’s probably because we’re a little too similar, in all the disturbing ways,” she said.

The actress previously revealed that her son Louis, three, enjoys man time with Clooney.

“The cute little anecdote is that he went to me and said, ‘Where’s George and Rande?’ I said, ‘I don’t know!’ And he said, ‘I need them.’ So we went and found them, and they had man time.

“And I sort of stood off to the side and waited for them to finish. Then I was allowed to take him back,” she added.



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