Wilfried Zaha Opens Up On Scandal: “I Did Not Sleep With David Moyes’ Daughter”

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After being signed in the summer to champions Manchester United, winger Wilfried Zaha is yet to make a competitive start for the club.

This led to rumors that Zaha was dropped because he was caught in bed with manager David Moyes’ daughter.

The 20-year-old rubbished the rumours and simply called them childish.

Twitter is such a powerful tool that a rumour can spread like wildfire to the point that sometimes players have to respond in order to put them to quash them before they are taken as gospel by the community which is exactly what Zaha has done here.

David Moyes recently explained the real reasons behind Zaha’s absence and against Bolton Wanderers with the Reserves last night, Zaha had a fantastic performance so he isn’t letting his lack of first team opportunity affect him yet.

Zaha hasn’t put a foot wrong so far at United and doesn’t need anything like this to try and distract him away from working hard for his opportunity.

Twitter rumours, however ridiculous, can really be damaging so Zaha did the right thing by stopping it before it spiralled any further.



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