Why men will CHEAT! by Ifunanya Mokwuah

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Have I gotten your attention? Good! Hi guys, how are you all doing today? (Okay enough small talk…) for quite some time I have been living in a fairy tale. I, Princess Ifunanya  am distressed, soon my Prince Charming will come to my rescue, we shall fall madly in love, he DOESN’T CHEAT,  we get married, he DOESN’T CHEAT and we would live happily ever after. The End.  (I wish) Relationship are NOTHING like the stories we read as kids, relationships now are a combination of loving someone so deeply and yet that same person annoying and frustrating you.

In my fairyland, my Prince Charming would love, adore me, and never CHEAT, but men cheat. You didn’t know? Ahhh Pele (Women cheat too but that’s another article..)

Men are predatory beings. They see something they like, and they go after it. Cheating for them is in two forms:  Personal Challengeego-issue seeing while in a relationship could they still get babes (Do I still have it going on? ) or to satisfy that natural urge. “KONJI na bastard!!” When that konji (horniness) strikes, it’s hard for a man to not want to satisfy those feelings. A guy that is horny is at his most vulnerable state to satisfy that urge. It’s not you, it’s them.

“We can’t help it, it’s in our DNA!” – Anonymous male friend

How can a man cheat on you and say he loves you? It’s much easier for a man to remove love from sex and flirting, They are just performing the act, it most likely meant nothing to them because you have their love. (Can a man sleep around and be truly in love with his partner?)  For some men, you having their hearts is what’s most important than having their body. (Some might say “that’s rubbish”)  But for some men they really see it that way.

No matter how good of a girlfriend/wife you might be, there’s a chance your man is going to cheat on you with his eyes, mind, mouth, his hands, or hiscough. You know what.. It’s up to you as a woman to figure out what you can and can’t take in the relationship.

Even though I believe a man will cheat, I’m not saying to accuse your man every time he comes into the house, I don’t and will never understand men but I honestly believe the reasons why men cheat is not to necessarily hurt their women (at least for some) too them it’s nothing personal, for them it’s just natural.(Men things) and it’s because of that, that’s why I believe men will cheat in their life..

I know some people reading will say it’s not true but I know in writing this article you can find some truth to it. If you have any questions or comments, I would like to hear them.  Find me on Twitter @missalldaabove or Instagram @sixfootamazon

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Nigerian Blood, American born. P.Square warned you in 2007 about me, well now I'm here and have no plans on leaving. I'm a sweetheart, music junkie, hopeless romantic, a sister, a friend but most importantly a chick with a whole lot to say. I'm letting everything out of the bag from the point of view I know best, my own!! From sex to relationships to music to whatever I'm feeling at that given moment. Nothing and no one is safe! On Saturdays you can find me talking with your favorite African celebrities, discussing juicy topics and playing the hottest tracks on www.udrradio.com. My mother always said if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. Well I do, welcome to my mind. Follow me on Twitter @Missalldaabove and Instagram @sixfootamazon


  1. Like you said its in their dna,and they dont cheat cos they want to,i think they do so because they enjoy the thrill of knowing they are -invisible’ i.e,they are seeing another woman without the real one knowing

  2. God bless Ify. Konji really na bastard. Of course we have more self control than you credit us but it’s good that for once a woman has used logic to think things through

  3. Too poor. Your man will definitely cheat on you because now you’ve let him know you expect him to. And you won’t take your time to find a man who won’t. This goes beyond this post about men cheating…it tells me about the writer’s self esteem. She’s told herself, “I’m not good enough for him to want to be with only me”. This leads me to ask, “Who hurt you?” The person did a NUMBER on you. You’re gonna blow this off saying “it’s not about me, it’s in their DNA… blah blah blah” BS! A good man who loves and respects God…and you, will not cheat. This “all men cheat” school of thought is rubbish. Too poor. P.S. Why don’t you write a “Why women will cheat” too? You think it doesn’t apply?

  4. Dis is f**k, u dat is posting dis shit, dnt u cheat? U are here talkin abt hw men cheat, is de going out with a goat or cat, bcos wen a man com 2 galz all u will hear de say is am single, is dat 1 not cheat ?

  5. I am the writer of this article, i didn’t write this article as a bitter, angry woman but just as someone being realistic when it comes to men and why they do the things they do,

    My self-esteem is pretty high, I am a beautiful Nigerian woman who loves and can be loved but I believe because of a man’s wiring it’s hard for him to be completely faithful and not cheat.

    A lot of you guys are so closed minded that you read in between the lines, when I was talking about cheating, a lot of you guys are took it as something sexual but there again I said clearly a man can cheat with his eyes, mind, hands, and other ways. READ!

    OBVIOUSLY, some of you guys skipped over a few things in the article because you are saying “Why don’t I say why women cheat?” but I clearly said in the article that I was saving it for another time. READ!

    For those that are against this article, GREAT! I value and appreciate your opinion and your belief that a man is going to be 100000% faithful to you, is it possible? NO! but if you believe that, more power to you!

    Those with any kind of sense will understand why I wrote this, am I giving excuse to men that cheat? NO! I just letting you know why.

  6. Well, the writer, apparently, has come to acceptance and embrace of ‘her fact’ that all men will/do cheat.
    So, consequently, if she proposes to engage in a heterosexual rship/marriage in the future, her mind is perfectly ready to somewhat accommodate a wayward man.
    Now, if in her future heterosexual, romantic endeavors, she breaks up or divorces a man based on infidelity, then, she clearly makes it conspicuous that this article was just a flamboyant show of intellect, rather than deep conviction(as she makes us to believe).

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