What women find appealing in men

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Exactly what does a woman find appealing in a man? Wanna know guys? Find out here.

Stability- Financial, spiritual, mental and physical stability. A woman needs to know you aren’t unstable in any of these things so she doesn’t have to constantly check her back to know if everything is fine.

Passion- A woman loves a man who is not cold or steely, she wants a man who is passionate and warm who she can test the depths of all emotions with.

Being Verbal- A woman needs a man who can carry conversations, who wouldn’t just tune off when she speaks and who she can discuss a lot of issues/topics with.

Gentleman- a man who knows when to talk, how to treat a lady and how to behave is usually a number one on a woman’s must have list.

Neat- most men are very rough and “all over the place” but when you’re neat and organised, you become a woman’s favourite.

So guys, think you can maybe add these things to your resume?



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