What to do during a BAD DATE 101 by Ifunanya Mokwauh

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I’m not going to lie, I have never been on a bad date (thank goodness) but unfortunately my friends have, and even though I can’t stop laughing at their stories of horrible dates, It got me thinking on what I would do if I was in their situation.

Here are a few bad date scenarios and what I believe you should do to turn your frown upside down 🙂 and make it a better experience.

Mouth Odor Date: “Ooooh this person’s mouth dey smell!” RULE 1: Whatever you offer the Mouth Odor suspect, you must take first!!! If the person you are on the date with has bad breath, offer them gum or better yet some candy. Sweet candy does the same job as gum; masking the bad breath. When someone offers gum randomly it might leave the feeling that they are hinting that your breath smells, and can make the person uncomfortable, and you wouldn’t want to do that.

Body Odor Date: let me just apologize to all those that have had to go on dates like this, (I can only imagine) if your date has bad body odor (RUN!! lol I’m kidding) Don’t let body odor ruin your date, if your date is hot or sweaty go in an area where there’s ventilation or air conditioning. Instead of thinking they stink maybe it’s their nerves and being on a date with you made them nervous causing them to be a little sweaty/musty. What you should do is stand next to the person even if you don’t smell, put out your spray or cologne and start spraying yourself. It will allow your date to realize their body odor since you are noticing yours and HOPEFULLY they will realize their smell and refresh themselves as well.

The Texter Date: someone who is constantly on their phone during the date (RUDE!) if you are on a date and the person is constantly texting or using it… What you should do is text them saying “Hey”, “What’s up?’ or “What are you doing?” It’s a humorous yet simple way of letting them know that you don’t appreciate their avid phone use without being too blunt about it. They might get a little embarrassed but that’s the price they must pay for being so rude on the date. HOPEFULLY they will learn their lesson and pay more attention to your company.

Not enough money Date: You guys are at a really nice place, you are actually enjoying yourself and getting to know the person and all of a sudden the bill comes!! The look of frustration on your date’s face shows that they can’t pay the full amount. Don’t let this ruin your date, What you should do is keep calm, and offer to pay half after all you did eat half of it. I know you didn’t expect the bill to be so high and out of your budget but things happen.

TIP:  So this doesn’t happen to you, Fellas! how ever much money your willing to spend on your date, plan according to your BUDGET! Don’t take her to some high end restaurant when you know you only have cinema and a small sized popcorn money. A date is a date!! You don’t have to go all out to impress her, if she has a good time in your company that’s all that matters.

Ladies: First of all. always have your own money, I don’t care if you are dating a millionaire because you never know what will happen. Ladies be considerate, don’t be greedy because you on a date with a guy. Order as if you were going to pay for it yourself. Don’t ball out because a guy is taking you out and don’t be greedy!

Boring date: All you hear coming out of your date’s mouth is “Blah blah blah blah” Sorry my friend but your date is boring! What you should do is go excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and when you come back, act as if you are entering the date for the first time (Starting over) this time you take the lead, asking interesting but straight forward questions, and telling life stories by doing this, your date will have to listen instead of talking and maybe while hearing you talk about your interests. You just might find out in the conversation that you guys have some things in common and can work from there.

All these scenarios are just a few out of the many ways a date could go bad, but just because a date isn’t going the way you planned it doesn’t make it a bad date, you have to be willing to make it work. I hope I was helpful in given you ideas in making typical bad date scenarios a better experience and if you have your own bad date and need help figuring out what to do, write it on the comment box and I’ll get back to you.

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