What Gift Can You Give Someone Who Doesn’t Want A Gift?

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Shopping for some friends and family members takes only a few seconds. Click on an Amazon deal or stroll down a department store aisle and — BOOM! — you’re done. However, there’s always that one person on your gift list that refuses to tell you what they’d like to unwrap. Some 77 percent of responders in a World Vision Canada poll say they don’t need any gift, even when they earn relatively little money. How can you show someone uninterested in gifts that you care?

Creating Memories

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The old saying that it’s the gift that counts means a lot more than some people may think. While many would love to receive an iPad or flatscreen TV, more people get an emotional pull when they get a gift that touches them deeply. You can find plenty of individual stories about the value of personalized gifts, but psychology backs up what anecdotes suggest; generosity makes us feel good, and even helps marriages last longer. One surefire way to give a gift that makes both recipient and giver feel like the gift has value involves the creation of a memory. In today’s society, memories exist in our phones and on our Facebook pages, making it easy to create a gift that touches upon a major event in both persons’ lives, whether it be a DVD, scrapbook or an old trinket from a vacation long ago.

Gift Baskets

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People so rarely send anything via mail anymore that receiving a personalized package in the mailbox or on the front doorstep tugs at the heartstrings in ways expensive gifts cannot. You can order FTD.com birthday gift baskets chock full of everything from chocolates to flowers to scented soaps to wine and cheese. Include a personalized message so the recipient gets a verbal show of affection in addition to a (delicious) material show of affection. These baskets create no clutter, since they can be disposed of or re-used.

Have An Experience

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Not all gifts need to be wrapped in paper and bound with a bow. Sometimes, the greatest gift involves an exciting or unusual experience that pushes a person past their established comfort zone. Something as exhilarating as sky diving or something as new as learning a second language can get a friend or family member active and engaged in a new passion they never knew they had. These gifts can be grand and extensive, such as planning a trip out to the mountains to rock climb, or they can take place in a person’s living room, such as arranging for a guitar lesson. These gifts can include you as well as other friends and family members to participate, or they can be a solo affair for the recipient, meant to pull someone out of their usual daily grind to enjoy the finer things in life.



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