Wedding Dress Shopping 101 by Ifunanya Mokwuah

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First of all let me give a big congratulations to all the couples that have recently gotten engaged, Love is definitely in the air this year. Rumors have it that Tiwa Savage is in London wedding dress shopping and it got me thinking…

Wedding dress shopping!!!

To all my soon to be brides, welcome to the next chapter of your lives, Marriage. Dating your man, girl that was the easy part, now comes time for the hardest, more frustrating, most stress yet beautiful moment in your life. The wedding planning. Getting the invitations together, looking at venues, trying to get the perfect theme for your wedding are just some to name a few of the things that you are going to have to do after you said “Yes” but I’m not here to depress you with the negative aspects of planning a wedding. I want to talk about the day you see yourself as a bride.

The first feeling you will get, when you physically see yourself in a wedding dress you will be like “Wow, I’m a bride.” Any woman can wear a white dress but only a woman engaged to be married can wear a wedding dress, and get those natural feelings. A wedding dress both signifies the “untouchable purity of a princess and the regal perfection of a queen” –  Julie Cusmariu quoted from The Conscious Bride (2000) When we were little girls and thought of our wedding day; we saw ourselves as princesses. We still want to be the princess, to look perfect from head to toe and that dream is slowly becoming reality. Any woman that has been married can tell you that, the experience of trying on wedding dresses is a day of mixed emotions, there’s excitement, happiness, joy and even a little frustration but at the end it all, you know you are one step closer to being joined in Holy Matrimony.

I’m here to give you a few tips and advice when you go wedding dress shopping.

1) Follow your heart.  Only you know what you want to look and feel like, there’s going to be a lot of ideas and options presented to you, if they don’t fit your idea of what you want, DISMISS IT! You only want to get married once abi?, so make it as perfect and as close to your vision as possible, don’t let others swayed your decision.

2) Go with a few people. I know all your friends and relatives are going to want to accompany you wedding dress shopping especially women because they know the significance of finding your perfect dress. You want everyone to share this special moment with you but Remember this: the more people you bring, the more opinions there will be. Grandma might want you to look conservative but your best friend wants to see you in something more sexy,  and your mom wants you in a dress that’s not your style. So what happens? Having a big crowd can take the focus from what you want, and can make it all about what they want to see you in, and you need to be the Center of Attention, no one else! Only bring a few people that you can trust and will help you not hinder you.

Tip: Have no more than 3-4 people 5 the absolute maximum! You will thank me later.

3) Search and Browse. Go through wedding catalogs and magazines, look and see if there are any particular styles or designers that catch your eyes. It will make the process of trying dresses smoothier and easier on you and the dress consultant because of it will help the dress consultant get a better idea as to what you want.

4) Remember thy budget! There’s a chance you might see a dress you love but the problem is the cost. I know it is your dream wedding and you want to look amazing but if the dress doesn’t work with the budget, you are going to have to reevaluate your priorities and see if there is anyway to get some extra money or focus on dresses in your budget and know that even though you loved the dress, it just wasn’t meant to be.

5) Relax! Breathe in… breathe out! When you enter a bridal salon, dresses are going to pop up in your face, you might feel overwhelmed with the amount of dresses you look at. Close your eyes take a few seconds to clear your mind and mediate. If you are indecisive, leave the bridal salon, think about it and come back another day with a new open mind. The worst thing you can do is make a rash decision with an unclear mind because you will regret it. (You don’t want that!)

I hope my tips were useful, If you have any questions or comments, I would like to hear them.  Find me on Twitter @missalldaabove or Instagram @sixfootamazon 

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