Ways to know if you’re driving your friends crazy with your relationship talks

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Sometimes break ups hurt so much we can’t seem to stop lamenting about it. We just need that one person who would sit down and hear us talk and talk and talk about it.

And our friends always listen, they sit and listen while we go on about how we hurt,  how we loved and had it thrown back in our faces, how we miss the other person&how much we wish it didn’t have to happen to us.

Our friends listen and listen until we begin to do it over and over and over that they now prefer to watch Tinsel than listen to us discuss our heartbreak.

We can’t blame them really, because nobody wants to hear the same story forever. It gets tired and they’d silently wish you’d get over that phase and let it go, you know…talk less about it. However, they are not likely to talk about it.

Here are ways to know that you are wearing your friends out with your relationship talk and that it is time to stop.

-They suggest movies or any other hangout that’ll require you not talking whenever you start about your heartbreak. Before now, if all they did was listen without interrupting and they suddenly now suggest things you should both do that doesn’t require you to speak, you are beginning to wear them out.

-They just stare at you with a blank face when you talk.  They aren’t so sympathetic anymore, in fact, they barely respond when you discuss it these days. They just stare at you without talking much.

– They steer the conversation in another direction when you start. They’d rather discuss sports(which no woman ever does with her female friends) than discuss you and your heartbreak.

– The conversation is 70percent you and 30percent(or less) them. You never leave them room to talk, in fact there’s never room for them to talk because you keep going on and on using the whole time to talk about your heartbreak.

– You know you have talked about it a hundred times over. Even you realise that you have discussed that topic a thousand times over yet you won’t shut it.

The truth is, every good friend would try to accommodate you no matter how tiring and ridiculous you are beginning to sound about a heartbreak but truth is, everyone’s got their problems and deep inside at a point they expect you to move on and stop carrying around the baggage.



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