Twerking Takes a Back Seat: 5 Traits Men Genuinely Find Attractive

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Twerk It! Twerk It! Twerk It!

Of all the crimes against humanity that Miley Cyrus is guilty of in her recent VMA performance, unattractiveness seems like one we should be least concerned with, as The Guardian points out. However, she probably would have gotten away with a little more weirdness if she did it in a tasteful and attractive way, instead of…whatever that was. The ever-elusive question of what men want isn’t easy to answer, but these top five traits are definitely at the top of the list for guys.

Sex Appeal

There’s nothing wrong with dressing a little sexy now and then. Anyone who tells you otherwise should look up a handy little phrase called “slut-shaming,” which Finally Feminism 101 sheds some light on. However, you don’t have to prance around stage in your underwear to show off your assets. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. But choose the time and place wisely. Take bikini pics at the beach, wear a low-cut dress to the club, and don’t be afraid to show off your curves at the office with a form-fitting pencil skirt. Guys love a woman who embraces her sexuality without drifting into trashy territory.


That whole “damsel in distress” dynamic is over. Though we’re far from complete equality, women today have many more opportunities to be independent and assertive in both the professional and social worlds. Don’t wait for a guy to come to you. Approach him at the bar or, better yet, create a dating profile online. “The satellite Internet in my area is unreliable” is not a good excuse to avoid dating websites or social networking, Tamisha Ford suggests. Get out there, be independent, and look for a man because you want one– not because you need one. And if you’re excuse that you don’t have the Internet at home (which is hard to believe in 2013), is true, there are countless options like CenturyLink Internet plans that can get you connected and hooked into the dating scene quicker than you’d imagine.


It’s natural to put forth a good first impression or sugarcoat a few things when you’re just getting to know someone, but guys also appreciate a little raw honesty, too. This doesn’t mean you have to spill your guts about your horrible breakup with your previous ex, but just talk openly about your ideas, beliefs, past experiences, and uncertainties. It feels a lot less artificial when you talk about how you’re thinking about going back to school to explore new career opportunities, compared with bragging about how great your job is.

Sense of Humor

Many guys actually believe the stereotype of the humorless girlfriend who only likes watching chick flicks, talking about your feelings, and never letting you hang out with your friends. Sure, most girls aren’t really like this, but there are guys out there don’t know that. Show off your sense of humor with your guy by letting down your guard a little, dancing quirkly, being outgoing, and not letting little things get to you. If the service sucks at the restaurant, make an ongoing joke about it. Add a lighthearted spin to a less comfortable part of your past. Allowing yourself to have a little fun will not only make him fall for you, but will also make you feel a whole lot better.


Contrary to popular belief, not every guy is looking for an airheaded blonde as a potential partner. According to Dr. Marcel Zentner, a psychologist at York University, men in western societies such as Britain and Scandinavia tend to place greater value on intelligence than a curvy figure or good cooking skills. So even though it might seem unnatural or taboo to challenge your date’s political beliefs, a well-constructed argument could be an even bigger turn-on than those sexy stilettos.



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