Trailer for Nigerian Action Movie COVERT OPERATION Starring Olu Jacobs and Yemi Blaq

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The trailer for Covert Action a new Nollywood movie is out which means its only a matter of time before it gets pushed into the market. While veteran Nollywood actor Olu Jacobs, the talented Patience Ozokwor and the lovely Juliet Ibrahim are among the actors who appear in this movie, the trailer looks like the movie was produced some time in the 90’s and offers viewers no real reason to go scout for the film when it gets released.

One thing is obvious though after checking out this trailer, while Kunle Afolayan is busy working on October 1, a Nigerian movie to be talked about for years to come, some other directors simply ignore putting out decent content which is why we end with films such as Covert Action.

Check out the synopsis and the trailer below.

There was a plan by Senator Ivan (Olu Jacobs) and his cabal of power hungry men to subvert the nation and eventually take over the leadership. A biological weapon was imported to terrorize the nation so that the masses would cry for the return of the military.

When the canister was hijacked suddenly, it became a rat race, as Senator Ivan recruited the services of his arch enemy and a political thug, Prince (Yemi Blaq) and the State Counter Terrorism Unit headed by Ms. Jane (Patience Ozokwor) to retrieve the canister from Felicia a young girl abused by Senator Ivan driven by vengeance and not minding the cost.

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