This Is Madness! No! This Is… Mileeeey: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Vagina In New Photoshoot [PHOTOS]

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Two things are becoming well-known facts about Miley Cyrus: that she hates clothes, and she loves making out with inanimate objects.

And Raunchy Miley manages to do both in her latest photoshoot with Terry Richardson. Check the photos out below, courtesy of Perez Hilton.

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  1. Perez hilton is that gay dude ryt, no wonder he could stand taking these pictures. This gurl need an appointment with TB Joshua

  2. Come on people……she just being honest and brave and show the real of her… far as I know one of 360 member or so called a writer has been showing her wet pussy to my husband via facebook….and 360 website write her so called the beautiful Kenyan! People who not honest and full of sin trying to hide their real identity by praying or keep calling Jesus name, Im not just saying…..I write when I have the prove to show.

    Think! we all has sin in our live…specially when we young, we all learn as we grown up…some learn and some not and this is the life in this world. Some continue their sin and some reget……..

    For Miley Cyrus let her do what she want to do when she being honest and open.

    This is only my humble opinion about human life.

    Have a nice day

    1. there is nothing honest about being such a dumb ass. what message is she trying to pass across with such dirty pictures? there is what i call guilt. even though we did what i did in hiding, i still felt guilty about it. and knowing the love Jesus have for me, i struggle to be good. it is easier to repent of a sin that is committed privately that to repent from one that has been made public. there is nothing honest and honorable in what she has done.

  3. I wanna eat her puss! That way she’ll always wear clothes because she’ll be weary of people like me. Everybody be talking about Jesus when she clearly don’t give a hoot – you think everybody believes in the Roman religion? Some have their own religion and it’s called Sexuality!

  4. I’m not seeing the problem with these photos. I guess the video vixens in the videos are nasty and need Jesus too because they wear just as little – if not less- clothing as she is here. Are we upset because a grown ass woman is exploring her sexual side?

  5. Most of yall are a bunch of jealous, self-conscious hypocritical retards that wouldn’t know talent and beauty if it slapped you right in your self-righteous face with a bare ass tit or wet twat. So, just leave Miley and the rest of her fans alone and go and pray for your own salvation, right after you get finished masturbating with your new vibrator (just received in plain brown wrapping, lol) because your husband or boyfriend has got tired of your frigid ass!

  6. luv yo mike 4 ur statement. dat s also ms view. liv ur life nd let odas slso liv dias. go mileee! u gyz shud stop givn me dat holier dan thou attitude.

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