Things you should never expose your kid to

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Maybe you all don’t have kids now but you would eventually. And when you do, here are things that you shouldn’t expose them to.

-Music and Movies with adult content. Your kids’ best station on tv should be Disney Junior, Nickelodeon and Cartoon network. It shouldn’t include Channel O, Mtv base, soundcity or wherever they show content that should be limited to adult audience. Do not play music that talk about sex, violence and drugs around kids. They pick things faster than even adults and believe it, the things you think they don’t know forms a huge part of them fast.

You might enjoy watching action movies and nude scenes but please let the kids be out of the room first.

-Adult conversation. Do not have adult conversation around your kids. Whenever you have friends around and you have to talk, politely tell the kids to leave the room before you begin. Its what our parents did for us while we were kids anyway, so its not such a foreign act.

-Smoking/Drinking. Apart from the serious health hazards attributed to this, it should never be done in front of kids. Don’t send your kids to buy you alcohol, don’t drink around them,don’t smoke around them. Not weed not cigarette, nothing. They would want to try what they have seen you do, do you want them to do so?

-Cursing. Don’t cuss or say foul words when kids are around. They pick words like that faster than the important ones, you don’t want to hear your little one telling someone “fuck you” when they hurt them. Words like that should never be in their vocabulary.



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  1. How do u advise parents that live in one room with their little kids. Ive seen the result of that setting. 5yr old boy trying out things in school with class mate cuz he watched his parents.

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