#TheServiceCritic: Primi Piatti Italian Fusion Restaurant, Lekki Phase1 -THE REVIEW

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Monday 12.00P.M

Salut Gourmandes,

How have you all been? Thanks to all those who sent me  names of places  to add to the list. This girl went on an eating out spree this past week. I probably weigh a million tonnes right now, its time to hit the gym…..I soo need motivation because I have become  lazy ( well not to eat sha).

I have heard mixed reviews from  friends who have visited  Primi Piatti. Nowadays, before I go to any restaurants to dine, I check online just to be have an idea of the menu and what the restaurant is all about. The site described it as an “Italian fusion fine dining  restaurant  with international celebrity chef, Chef Reme Calvin Obaseki”. Sounds good right?

I went to critique this restaurant with a lover of all things luxurious,  Miss Luxury herself … Omu. I knew I was in for a good time. When we drove into the complex, I was shocked. Did I read the description wrongly?  The compound wasn’t much to write about! It had all sorts littering everywhere, from generators to mechanical parts and all. I didn’t know what to think, if Miss Luxury Event Planner had been here and she was willing to come back then, there’s hope yet.


pp2pp3I felt a little better  when  I got inside.  It was not luxurious by any means but the  tables were  quite nicely laid out. The décor wasn’t  particularly grand infact it was rather casual…(not the tables) In my opinion it was a casual dining restaurant. The most outstanding thing about Primi Piatti was the view, the open deck overlooks the Lagos lagoon, it should be fabulous for alfresco dining. If you are dining alfresco, you should look out for loungers on a tiny island very close by…Big boy levels thinz.

After  briefly chatting with Chef Reme, the waiter handed us the food menu.  I was not particularly impressed.  Yes, it was Italian fusion restaurant but there were Italian staples missing. I didn’t see any ravioli or risotto or even veal! For our starter we ordered Chicken Parma, for main entrée, we ordered Chicken Campaniola and the Seafood Platter. We were informed when we ordered that there was no calamari available for the seafood platter. Whilst we waited, we were served  warm rosemary and garlic bread. I almost begged for the recipe for the bread, it was  so good: soft and delicious….. and yes it was fresh!  It was so good that it was when we finished eating it that I realized I didnt take any pictures of it. I don’t remember being offered the wine list.

First up was our starter, Chicken Parma (N4200- $26) choi, some of these description of meals can make you drool to the heavens . The menu described this starter as grilled tenderized chicken breast infused with fresh avocado and pepperdews  with Madagascan black pepper and lemon aioli (to the best of my knowledge aioli is aioli, what is lemon aioli again?! Lagos and feferity ) Issokkay.  Well , it was worth that fancy description. The combination of the avocado and black pepper with well seasoned chicken in cream and cheese was very nice.  I found it a little salty , Omu didn’t think it was. This brings me to one question, what do you do with garnishing your food is served with…ie  chopped rosemary ,parsley etc used to garnish your plate? I don’t always mix it in.


The main entrees came,first up was my Chicken Campaniola( N5,200-$32). The menu described this as tenderized chicken breasts, pan fried and simmered in mustard, parmesan cheese, rosemary and a dash of amarula and mushrooms. Hmnnnm, ina su beekee, my interpretation of this meal was creamy pasta served with smoked chicken…. small portion of smoked chicken at that. We all know that chicken portions are generally large but this meal didn’t make the cut in that regard. Yet again, I found this meal a little salty. To be honest I was  not wowed. I love my pasta but this was ordinary…not what I was expecting to eat at a “fine dining restaurant”.


Omu’s meal was the Seafood Platter(N 8,250-$51)… I am not sure I know anyone who loves seafood more than this chic. Without looking at the menu, she ordered the seafood platter sans calamari. So i guess its safe to say it  was jumbo prawns with fish … are snails seafood?The seafood platter said it was, I dont  know oh, Please enlgihten me .  It was served with pasta garnished with green and red  peppers.  I apologize for the quality picture, I couldn’t get a better shot. I felt the sauce on it was a bit much so I couldnt get a clear picture of the orisirisi I had some of the prawns with the sauce  and it was nicely done….  well seasoned and cooked to perfection. I asked Omu how she liked the fish and she said it was very nice. The pasta that came with the seafood platter  looked quite nice…. Miss Luxury liked it too.



There’s a growing trend I have noticed these days when I dine out. When you go through the menu , it states one thing and does another.For example, the menu describes your meal as  grilled chicken and turkey breast stuffed with parmesan cheese wrapped in ham served with  mixed salad and all what not. When  the food  is served, you get FRIED chicken stuffed with cheese and coated in BREAD CRUMBS served with the mixed vegetables. Common restauranteur, if your menu says grilled, it should be grilled not pan fried.., unless specifically requested by the diner. The menu said the seafood platter consisted of  snail, calamari , prawns  and fish. Only two of these were served in the seafood platter. Yet we got charged the same amount, I was not expecting a discount but throw something else in.

I love the fact that  I can watch the chef whilst he’s cooking my meal, but please if you are going to have an open kitchen (Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen style), I would like to suggest that you  have a kitchen nice enough to look at.  I had a problem with the way this kitchen looked and that “grocery store window” didn’t werk for me at all.  I know some of this is a norm, re -the ingredients display window but if you call yourself a fine dinning restaurant and some of these are on display you will need to reconsider. See the picture below to understand this better.


When the chef came back, we told him how we loved the bread. He gave us a loaf on the house. So, thank you for the nice gesture.

We checked the restrooms and it was well kept.

We paid N36,000 for 2 starters, and 4 entrees ( we ordered some take out) – i think it was the Spicy Cajun PrawnsPirates of the Carribean (a starter) and T- Bone Steak.

Would I go back there? Possibly

If you like fancy and luxurious things like Omu , you should visit her website,  its  www.omuobilor.com


Layout / Ambience / Aesthetics- 6

Quality of food- 6

Value for money- 6

Customer Service- 7

PRIMI PIATTI: 1C Admiralty road, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1 | 08128888886

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