“Stop Cohabiting With Elikem & Go Back Home” – Fans Tell Pokello

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Fans of Big Brother Africa housemate Pokello Nare have clamored for her return to Zimbabwe, saying she is setting a bad example by cohabiting with a man she is not married to.

Traditionally, Pokello was not supposed to stay with her boyfriend until she marries. But so far, the two lovebirds have been gallivanting in Ghana, club hopping and cosying up as seen on the pictures posted on her Facebook page.

It has been more than three weeks since she left Zimbabwe for Ghana where, among other things, she is eking out a living through making appearances at private parties and clubs. Apparently, the “Queen of Swag” wants to venture into clothing business together with her beau.

“I think she has overstayed in Ghana. According to our culture, it is not acceptable for a woman to elope let alone overstay at a boyfriend’s house. Yes, you can visit your boyfriend’s house for formal introductions for two or three days.

“What we are seeing is a bad example of Zimbabwean culture. Maybe the Ghanian tradition is different, but as Africans we share a lot in common. Imagine she is a role model and what example is she setting to the young girls?” said one fan.

She blasted Pokello for “cohabiting”.

“It is unacceptable and not a reflection of Zimbabwean culture or tradition,” she said.

Another fan said the honeymoon was getting out of hand. The couple, who are now called Polikem by their legion of fans, also attended Selly’s birthday party last weekend. Other former housemates who attended the Ghanaian’s birthday bash include Maria, Dillish, Melvin and Bolt.



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  1. Abegi she makes her own rules. She never said she was a saint, or wanted to be a role model to all ur kids. Please since when did zimbabwe become the synonym of modesty.

  2. reporter of this article. I DONT THINK YOU ARE VERY ENLIGHTENED OF HOW LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS WORK. what exactly worries you about her stay in GHANA? are you the one taking care of her EXPENSES?
    how do you expect this relationship to lead to THAT marriage if THEY DONT SPEND TYME TOGETHER?
    Are you saying one is not allowed to live in the same country or WORK IN THAT COUNTRY FOR THAT MATTER because their boyfriend or girlfriend lives there?
    did you watch BBA? what did you call housemates cohabiting for 3 months?… TRADITION DID NOT APPLY THEN RIGHT?

  3. Pokello is an adult. Media will talk as much as they want because they are in business of publishing anything. Pokello is an adult and if she wants she can go&marry privately its her choice. I don’t see anything wrong with her spending time with Elikem. She can stay till next year its fine!!!!
    How many of you people whom your parents stayed with men and were not married with them? Stop making yourselves better! We know very well some are not married. Vat n Sit is what u all’s parents did. Just because Pokello is known now everyone wants to be on her case???? Find better things to do or say and stop focusing on other people’s personal lives. If this is a way of you trying to gain readers you better encourage your people to read and not encourage them to put their nose where they don’t belong.
    Media is aware that this will cause people to talk & haters will rejoice! They jus wanna start another war between fans&they wil get what they r asking for ????nonsense! Media se poes mehnnn!!!! But that is more points and publicity for Pokello and you are trying hard to make her trend and believe me she will trend!
    Fuck the media!Fuck !Fuck whoever complained!Fuck the old brained traditionalnonsense!Fuck the papers they used to publish!Fuck the trees they made those papers from! FUCKkKKKK! Its non of your business….!

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