Still Husband Material Though: Jason Derulo Admits He Can’t Cook Anything

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Although he could make most girls swoon with his voice and his dancing, singer Jason Derulo admits his cooking is terrible.

The singer is dating Jordin Sparks, who he’s penned songs for. It’s a good job he can impress her with his musical prowess as his culinary skills leave more than a little to be desired.

“I’m the worst cook you’ll ever meet. I cooked rice one time and the bottom was burnt and the top was raw. I was so confused,” he laughed to British magazine Heat.

When he’s out, Jason enjoys eating fish but he isn’t sure he could cook it himself. If he were to organize a dinner party, the 24-year-old star would probably take the easy route to ensure his guests were well fed.

“I’d have to get a takeaway, otherwise everyone would go hungry. I’d probably order in some good Japanese food,” he explained.

Although he tries to eat healthily as much as he can, Jason is partial to cheesy Doritos when he wants to indulge. One thing he will never eat is anchovies, with the singer getting irked when he orders a Caesar salad and it arrives covered in the fishy delicacy.

It seems that although Jason isn’t great at cooking, it’s not a skill he’s that interested in improving.

“I don’t know any chefs. Cookery shows aren’t my thing,” he replied, when quizzed on his favourite TV cook.



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