SEXY: Ayoola Bakare Gets The Nigerian Flag Painted On Her Body, Happy Independence Day! (Photo)

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The independence day is most certainly bringing good tidings. Zen Magazine goes one extra mile to celebrate the nation’s 53rd independence day by creating a photoshoot specifically for today.  The shoot shows off the skill of London based make-up artist, Princess Amayo on the body of model, Ayoola Bakare.  Enjoy the picture and read the independence day message from the Zen Magazine’s editor – Arinze Nwokolo.  
Editorial Note: Today, October 1st 2013, Nigeria celebrates its 53rd Independence Anniversary and here we are again…. at the start of a new month. Time really does fly, doesn’t it? On the other hand, in some situations, it may seem like time crawls. With that in mind, I ask, what are you doing with you time today? Are you using your time to spread love or to cause pain? Today is certainly a day of joy for us all at Zen and we would like everyone reading this message to please always spread love.  Peace and Love to everyone reading this message. 
Captured in this image is model and Zen Magazine January 2013 cover star Ayoola Bakare. The Nigerian flag has been coloured on her body with some water paint done by the best Makeup artist on planet earth Princess Amayo and photographed by  Darren King of Majestic Vision Photography. “I chose this medium of art to express my love for this great nation,” says Princess Amayo. “Full body paint on model’s top half Green/White/Green. The illusion this gives is absolutely amazing….. irep Nigeria!”.
Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! – Arinze Nwokolo
 Ayoola Bakare - Princess Amayo Ironbar for Zen Magazine- 360nobs
MakeUp& Body Paint: Princess Amayo Ironbar | Photography: Majestic Vision Photography | Model: Ayoola Bakare




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