REVEALED: Apple selling twice as many iPhone 5S handsets as iPhone 5C

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A new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners is again shedding doubts on Apple’s decision to release two new iPhone models. Specifically, the preponderance of evidence continues to show the “low cost” iPhone 5C gaining little consumer interest when compared to the iPhone 5S.

For September, CIRP estimates that the 5S accounted for 64 percent of all iPhones sold. The 5C? Only 27 percent. The iPhone 4S made up the other 9 percent.

While 27 percent is by all means a respectable number, AllThingsD points out that the iPhone 5C isn’t faring so great when compared to how the iPhone 4S sold after its price drop in the wake of the launch of the iPhone 5.  That device captured 23 percent of iPhone buyers during the same period a year prior.

For Apple, though, that may be enough. Apple’s decision to basically redesign the iPhone 5 and sell it as a new phone was based as much on grabbing consumer attention as it was on lowering production costs associated with the handset. But does matching (and slightly outperforming) a price-dropped 4S mean their strategy is paying off?

Analysts still expect the iPhone 5C to gain some ground in the coming months, but it’s no shocker that the majority of consumers have opted for Apple’s best offering. Was Apple’s dual iPhone launch a one-time oddity? Or will they justify sticking with the strategy in the long run? What do you think?

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