BREAKING: Plane Crash At Lagos Airport

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Lagos Plane crash 2013

Reports has just reached us that there has been a plane crash at the Lagos airport. It is not known if there has been any casualty as the details are still sketchy.



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A witness said the crash occurred at the local wing of the airport close to the section were JET-A1, plane fuel, is stored.

Fire service officials were seen evacuating the occupants of the plane.

The spokesman of the Nigeria aviation agencies, Yakubu Datti, asked for more time to get details of the incident.

More details to follow



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  1. Not another plane crash! I really hope there are survivors. Disasters everywhere, the world is most certainly coming to an end.

    1. GJ should step down for peace to reign, tragedy always in his reign, The biblical saying: when the wicked are on the throne the people perish without remedy.

  2. Olohun a da a won ebi won si’ aani ri iru e mo Lori le ede was amin ‘Allah have on Nigeria pls pls pls.

  3. Why would u put on black on independent day? It obvious. That’s my spiritual view on colours on the day of happiness.
    The world is coming to an end. Watchout for the end of the earth surface season two. Season one was during the period of Noah (genesis 7)
    God please save lifes today, declear to the world U are mighty.

  4. Now, we can clearly see that God has started His judgement on Nigeria Leaders, Because poor and common Nigerians can not be found in this ugly incident. Thank you

    1. Let all our Prophets,Prophetess and Pastor talk to their God in Prayers and stop collecting Offerings from Nigerians. The rightful time for Miracle and Gods intervention is now.

      May their soles rest in perfect peace and May God Almighty have mercy on Nigerian.

  5. i very much think NCAA still needs to be fixed the more when your car broke down in UK the POLICE does not much with u they only ask for your M O T and company issuing the M O T has to provide answers abi ?

  6. the world is coming to an end we have to commit our lives to God because we don’t know when we will depart eternity beckons everyday nevertheless may the souls of faithful departed rest in peace and those that were injured I pray God to grant them a fast recovery

  7. What Nigeria needs as a nation is constant fellowship with our Creator. Also in addition to this, it’s high time for the aviation industries not to import old planes anymore because this crash may be due engine failure, improper servicing or they is no anti-freezing agent in the plane which may cause the internal pressure (pumping pressure of the plane) not to be the same as the atmospheric pressure which may lead to the instability of the plane in the atmosphere as a result may eventually leads to the crashing of the plane.

  8. Why Nigeria, all what we are watching then in the TV set, is now happening in Life.
    God please have MERCY.

  9. may God help us in dis country Nigeria and God will 4giving us oooo…..dead body can not reciv donble punishment…..r i p…dis life come to an end….accept jesus to ur life to today becos 2moro can 2 lat..

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