Oh girl, he’s a player! by Ifunanya Mokwuah

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All men are players, dogs, pigs with … cough cough Right LADIES?? Wrong! (well least not all… lol)

The idea of getting into a relationship which could mean that there is a 50 percent chance we might be left with a broken heart scares some of us. I know it does for me!  Making it hard for some to be in a relationship or stay in one.

Who wants to know there’s a chance of going through emotional pain (Not I) but even though there’s a chance the next guy we meet may cheat or do something to hurt the relationship, there is also that 50 percent chance that the next man we meet will love us and adore us like queens (My future husband, where you dey?).  It does not mean we should not take that chance. For those women, that go into a relationship thinking all guys are players. PLEASE STOP!It is not the best solution, even though we feel it’s protecting us from getting hurt in the long run.

Women are sensitive and emotional.  A friend of mine said to me “Ifunanya, when I’m dating a guy I always go into this mentality that he’s a player, to protect myself” (Does this sound familiar?) Let me just start off by saying that having this mentality does not protect you but cripple you in the long run. If you go into this relationship thinking he’s not a player, you will be upset when you find out he is. If you go into the relationship thinking he is a player you will be upset with yourself when you find out he played you and you knew all a long this would happen. There’s NO WIN-WIN situation for us ladies! Men are a complicated species (I don’t understand them, and never will) but we should not complicate things by being one sided in the matter.  Not all men are players!

ADVICE: When meeting a new man, have a clear open mind, any opinions, expectations or judgments about him, will only be setting yourself up for failure if they  … are or are not met.

This article applies to men in regards to women as well.

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

Ifunanya's Piece Of Mind

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  1. tell that 2my sister….. even though he ends up being an ass @ least give the met guy a chance of getting 2 knw him b4 jumping into conclusion and in that probation period, don’t get attached

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