Ne-Yo Talks About Singing With Celine Dion On New Album – “It Was An Honour And Pleasure”

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Singer Ne-Yo wrote a track and also featured on Celine Dion’s upcoming Loved Me Back To Life album, and has talked about the experience of singing with the R&B legend.

In a behind-the-scenes video for Access Hollywood, Ne-Yo says ‘Working with Celine Dion is kind of like a kid in a Candy Store because having that huge and incredible voice for me to do basically whatever I want to do with it, is like a kid with a brand new toy.’

He continues, ‘It’s an honour and pleasure to sing with Celine Dion but it’s not an easy thing,’ before joking ‘ It’s the most irrelevant I’ve ever felt ‘ the size of her voice, you don’t need me there she could do the whole song herself. I honestly feel like she was just being nice to me letting me sing on the song!’ Celine returned the compliment ‘Thank you so very much. I love the song, I admire you and I’m privileged to have the song.’

He describes the track Incredible as ‘A situation where you are in the spotlight and it’s all or nothing, do or die. I’m here, everybody’s watching. Let me do something incredible, let me do something that’s going to make people remember I was here.’ Celine adds ‘This song is gonna become a song for the Olympics, for a big finals with the team coming out (on to the pitch) and the whole world is watching and it’s incredible.’

Ne-Yo finished by saying ‘Things to do before you die; write a song for Celine Dion, check. Sing a song with Celine Dion, check. It’s one of those moments where you step outside of yourself and go ‘Wow!’.’

The track features on Celine’s first English language album since 2007’s Taking Chances, alongside new single and title track Loved Me Back To Life, which was penned by Sia, as well as a duet with Stevie Wonder with a new take on his hit Overjoyed.

Other writers and producers on the album include Eg White, Diane Warren and Babyface.

Loved Me Back To Life the album is out on 11th November in the UK.



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