Michael Jordan Claims A One-On-One With Kobe Would Be Tough, But He’d Beat LeBron

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Michael Jordan obviously agrees with the general consensus that he’s the best ever, claiming that he could beat anybody in a one-on-one.

MJ made the statement in a video promoting the NBA 2K14 — while talking about a bunch of NBA legends he would’ve liked to ball against in their prime, including Jerry West, D-Wade, Carmelo, Kobe, LeBron and more.

“I don’t think I would lose,” Jordan says … adding, “other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves.”

MJ was later asked who was the better player — Kobe or LBJ — and explained, “In terms of dominance in the game of basketball at this stage, it’s LeBron.”

But he added, “Championshipwise, it’s Kobe.



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