MEN’S FASHION: How A Dress Shirt Should Fit

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A great shirt is what makes a suit look great, the wearer is also not left out. Suit or not, a good fitting shirt could still elevate the wearer’s look. After your undershirt; am sure you do wear one, if you want your shirts to last longer start wearing a plain white tee (V-neck preferable).

As I was saying, after your undershirt, a dress shirt is part of your ensemble that sits close to your body so it needs to be comfortable and well fitted.

How a dress shirt should fit

I am sure we’ve all had issues with how our shirts should fit our body frame. Its either there is too much fabric on the arm or this ‘balloon’ thing when you tuck in. The sleeve length, cuff & collar size – these are shirt parts that I notice men shirts have flaws. Sometimes, I find it difficult to get the proper neck size and sleeve length; either the neckline (collar) is too tight to button and the sleeve length is alright or the neckline is the right size and the sleeve not is too long or short with the too much fabric under arm.

How a dress shirt should fit

You can try custom made shirts if you are having difficulties with getting the proper shirt size. All you just need is an experienced tailor or you can try out online made to measure custom made shirt.  Tailor4less is one, had a nice experience with them and I still wear the shirt.

Another option is taking your time at the store before buying from the rack. To do this, you need to know exactly what you want in a shirt. Find below my opinion on how to buy a good fitting shirt off the rack

Collar: You should be able to slide two fingers in when buttoned. You don’t have to choke yourself all in the name of fit. Remember, comfort is one criteria of a good fitting shirt.

Armholes: The armholes should be high enough without causing restricted motion. You should be able to move your arms freely. Not to0 tight, not too big.

Sleeves: This should end just above your wrist bone. Leave room to showcase your wrist watch and bracelets. Cuff should not be too tight either.

Shirt length: Long enough to tuck in if it’s a dress shirt. We don’t want to see your undershirt popping out.

Finally, your shirt should not give more than 3 inches when pulled lightly from your body.

Have more tips on how a shirt should fit? Don’t hesitate to contribute via the comment box below.



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