Ladies! Peep this Makeup Tutorial by Eva for @makeupByOrsela. Get Inspirational Makeup looks for the Weekend

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Ladies, If you follow Eva Alordiah on Instagram (@ievaalordiah) then you know you are in a treat for daily Makeup inspired posts from the rapper herself. Rapper Eva, who is also a professional Makeup artist in her spare time, is the Creative Director of ‘makeupByorsela Nigeria.


She takes time out to detail this Makeup tutorial.

My Female fans always request for Makeup tutorials and it is always a blessing to be able to teach somebody something new. The requests for the Makeup school sessions keep doubling by the minute. It is humbling to know that they trust me to teach them and want to make themselves available to learn.

This tutorial showcases two very distinct looks for two different types of ladies. The one who is reserved but likes to have fun and the one who doesn’t just want the fun but also likes to get all the attention at the party- Eva, C.E.O ‘makeupByOrsela

As you get ready for a hopefully fun weekend, check out this Two Makeup looks you could try out this weekend!

Depending on your personality, whether you are a reserved but fun loving diva on the move, or a Party starter – these are two Makeup looks you could choose from to give a kick to your weekend. Continue to read the Tutorial from Eva herself for makeupByOrsela

CLICK HERE TO see the full Tutorial plus products used on MakeupByOrsela Website:

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