Magistrate’s Kidnappers Sentenced To Death By Hanging

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What’s your take on this? Kidnappers sentenced to die by hanging? Is it because of the offence or because of who they offended? Read on

An Asaba High Court, yesterday, sentenced two persons to death by hanging, having found them guilty of kidnapping and robbing a female magistrate at gunpoint on Boxing Day two years ago.

The convicted persons, Saidu Haruna and Raphael Egwuba, who claimed to be phone technicians and welder at Osubi, respectively, were arraigned on a three-count charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping, kidnapping and armed robbery on charge no A/37C/2012.

Prosecution told the court that the female magistrate was, on December 26, 2011, driving into her compound at noon, when the armed men abducted her.

She was eventually taken to a bush where they dispossessed her of valuables, including an ATM card, which the convicts used to withdraw an undisclosed amount before they were caught.


During trial, prosecution called two witnesses, including the victim (female magistrate), to prove its case and also tendered some exhibits before the court, including the magistrate’s Blackberry phone, which eventually helped in tracking the convicts.

Identification parades were also conducted at the office of the Department of State Services, DSS, and in the open court, where the victim identified them.

The trial judge (identity withheld) in passing the sentence yesterday, said: “I disbelieve the evidence of the first and second accused persons as their testimonies were full of contradictions and meant to cover their tracks.

“From the totality of the evidence before this court, I hold that the first and second accused persons were involved in the kidnapping and robbing of one Onoriode Yvonne Asheshe of her Honda Pilot SUV, ATM card, jewelries and BlackBerry phone, while armed with a gun.

“I hold that prosecution has proved ingredients of counts one, two and three against the accused beyond reasonable doubt.

“For count  three (armed robbery), I hereby sentence the accused persons for execution by hanging on the neck until they be dead. May God have mercy on their souls.”

Source: Vanguard



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  1. Capital punishment is meant for more intense crimes. They dint kill or injure her. Politicians have been caught without reasonable doubt and dint even go to prison. Its not fair justice…

  2. well if according 2 the law the punishment 4 those found guilty on those counts is a death sentence then it’s fair coz that’s the law.. but if not and the punishment was agrevated coz of the victim the that’s wrong n even a felony the judge commited

  3. The punishment stipulated for armed robbery under our Nigerian criminal law is death by firing squard. How does this judge not know this??

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