Languishing in the Void by Timi Johnston

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No emotion is more divine than that of a heart in a dark place, flirting passionately with sorrow as whispers of the echo of silence are heard and the chill of loneliness’s grip felt so deep in the soul. Things are never as they seem, we flee from regret and disappointment but jointly, no other can be more loyal and true in exposing the realities of life. Alas the truth is denied and we proceed with our lives consumed by pretense and self deceit, basking in mediocrity and judging the incomprehensible.
 In this world where Love and happiness cease to coexist and sacrifice lost its worth, time hastens and in trying to catch up with time, the things that really matter become a figment of an era long forgotten and the meaningless embraced. Engulfed in uncertainty, a journey tainted by false hope is embarked on leading to a desolate place.
People accept things they can’t change and cower at the majesty of the unknown. There’s no space in the world for courage anymore….too many compromises have been made, standards dropped and ideals lost. I spent so much time trying to make a difference I did not notice how fast people in the world were changing now I’m alone searching for something I doubt il ever find…


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