Lady Gaga Unveils Nude Artwork For New Single ‘Venus’, Releases Snippet [PHOTOS/AUDIO]

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Lady GaGa has unveiled the artwork and snippet for Venus, a single she plans to premiere on X-Factor on Sunday.

The Applause singer is currently on a trip around Europe where she intends to perform a new song in every country she visits.
This clip is a surprise extra for fans who thought they’d have to wait until Sunday to hear ‘Venus.’
Alongside the song snippet, Gaga tweeted a series of three images which will be the artwork for the CD.
The snaps were all taken by Steven Klein who worked with the 27-year-old on the artwork for Fame and Alejandro and are as weid and wonderful as expected.
The first shot shows Gaga sporting white hair and eyelashes with a large scorpion model perched on her face and the second photo is a strange bat like costume.

The third and final shot is of the singer standing naked with a bathroom background and bizarre photo of food photoshopped in over her mouth.

Her stunning figure and numerous tattoos are all on display, including the thigh tatt she got to commemorate Born This Way.

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