Khloe Kardashian Tells Lamar Odom She Intends On ‘Filing For Divorce’: Report

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In a tense Sept. 27 conversation — on the day they should have been jubilantly celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary — Khloe Kardashian informed husband Lamar Odom “she’d be filing for divorce,” according to a new report.

“She called him on their anniversary and told him she’d be filing for divorce,” an insider told US Weekly. “She wanted to give him fair warning. Khloe was very firm. She said she will be filing soon and she thinks it’s best they move on.

“Khloe told Lamar she hopes he gets the help he needs.”

The insider said it spoke volumes that Khloe changed her Instagram handle to remove Odom’s name on Sept. 23, four days before the aforementioned exchange.

“Changing her name on social media was a big step in letting people know she is moving on.”

Another source told the magazine the couple has quietly kept a backchannel dialogue through the tough times, with Lamar calling his wife of four years everyday. Above all, Khloe’s major concern is that the NBA veteran cleans up his act.

“She thinks he needs to be treated for this disease,” the source said of “Lammy’s” alleged vices, which include cheating and drug abuse.

Khloe “is really worried about his well-being and is afraid of what will happen to him,” the source said.

Source: RadarOnline



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