It’s Over: Lady GaGa Performs 100% Naked At Show In London [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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There have been loads of raunchy performances over the years, with Madonna & Miley Cyrus and the likes vying for the most erotic performance of all-time.

However, Lady Gaga just set a bar that can be equalled, but certainly not jumped over, as she performed fully naked in a club in London.

Just days after releasing the cover art for her latest single “Do What You Want,” featuring her rear end on proud display, the “ARTPOP” singer, 27, did it again — this time during a performance in London and taking off much more clothing.

Gaga sang her new song “Venus” for a crowd at London hotspot G-A-Y on Saturday, giving the crowd of men more than they may have paid for after she dropped her dress.

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  1. I’m not trying 2 a pervert but she stood naked infront of a lot of pple, cameras and all, so why the black spots in the pictures, she wants the whole world 2 see her right.

  2. The Era when Human walked around naked is returning and the Celebrities are the championing the cause.. They will cause a lot of people to stumble and be like them…..

  3. This is to show the world that most of this musicians are demon incarnates sent to take man to hell. Bware of them. Jesus is coming back again. Heaven and hell are real.

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