Guys, its true love only if she exhibits these signs

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Glamour got this article from Madame noire and I in turn got it from glamour. However, as usual I’m not giving a copy&paste article(I.e copying word for word), its easier but its plagiarism and I’m noble.

There have been articles on how a man would know if a woman is into him for real and the signs she’d normally exhibit but this article is the realest I have seen so far. Reason being that it is truer than true.

Let’s go through the signs a woman shows when she’s insanely in love with a man. Like insanely.

1. She’s not afraid to be without make up. She let’s you see the “real” her beneath all the make up and weave. When you never see her like that or worse, when she makes conscious effort to not be seen like that after you both have been together for more than six months? Hmmm…

2. Getting mad @ you. Women don’t bottle up emotions, whether love, hatred or even anger. Whatever it is, women don’t lock emotions up when they feel it. If your woman’s never been mad at you before even when she should be mad, chances are that she doesn’t feel so in love with you. I mean if she don’t care about your ass, why should she be mad?

3. Letting the waterworks flow. If she’s never cried in front of you and she’s the emotional one, something’s wrong. If you both would be spending the rest of your life together, even tears should not be hidden from you.

4. Being insecure. Women carry loads of insecurities around and that’s no news. However, when your woman let’s you in on her insecurity, it means she is very comfortable with you and she’s let her guard down. Yes, its alright to wife her.

5. Getting sick. The menstrual cramps, the malaria, even puking on your best duvet. All that is very okay, if she does it around you. After all, you are in this for real, yes?



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  1. I dont agree with your list at all. The only that I may agree with – and partially is 1. For the rest, you don’t truly need to be in love to show those. Number 5, especially. How do you hide menstrual pains? Some people have their periods pain free than others, but some don’t and you can’t hide such pains.

  2. Let’s see…If guys are “lucky” enough to have a woman “love” us, we can look forward to her:
    1) Letting her looks go and neglecting her appearance;
    2) Using us as a dumping ground for all of her emotional issues/baggage;
    3) Being frequently sick (along with other “reasons” not to have sex).

    Awesome, count me in. Not. I would rather stay single. These are the signs of a woman who truly doesn’t give a da*n about her man, and could care less if he is happy. This is a toxic relationship.

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