#GTBLFDW 2013: GTBLagos Fashion And Design Week – Jewel By Lisa- Day 4

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Enjoy Jewel By Lisa’s spring/summer 2014 collection as showcased at the GTBLagos Fashion and Design Week, Eko Hotel on the 26th of October 2013. J’adore the bicycle motifs!


Photo Credits: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna) | Copyright 2013 Lagos Fashion and Design Week



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  1. This was an anti-climax for the entire show. Nothing special…typical over hyped Jewel by Lisa collection. She should have shown on the first day and gotten it over with. The designers that showed on friday should have shown on saturday to end the event. Style House Files and their PARAPO attitude are never objective.

  2. @Bane: I feel you jare, JBL is totally over-hyped. Hardly see people wearing her clothes or actually buying the clothes to wear. All na fashion show. As per Style House Files, they are full of it! Never transparent…they act it but are truly not. I don’t think its in GTBank’s interest to stick with them..they can do better.

  3. lurv ,lurve,luuuuurveee this collection. stylish, cool, cohesive .African yet cosmopolitan.no wonder A-list Hollywood celebrities are regularly seen in JEWEL BY LISA!

  4. lol, debio is obviously a member of staff from JBL. Always dropping their carefully composed comments on every blog. I know because you always write the same things in all your PR edits. It’s ok for some people not to like your designs? Yeah.

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