Go Home: United Kingdom Set To Send 267 Nigerian Prisoners Back Home

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The UK is set to send non-British prisoners back to their respective countries, with more than 200 prisoners set to be sent back to Nigeria.

Punch reports that talks are continuing into reaching a compulsory prisoner transfer agreement, which could see more than half of the 534 criminals from Nigeria currently in UK jails repatriated.

UK Prisons Minister, Jeremy Wright, told MailOnline how ‘more foreign prisoners must serve their sentences in their own countries.’

Ministers have been ordered to step up efforts to end the scandal of more than one in eight prisoners being from overseas.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron vowed to end the practice of the British taxpayer picking up the bill for criminals with no business in the UK.

The Prime Minister said in 2010 that he would ‘personally intervene’ to send more foreign criminals home.

Britain has even made clear it would pay to build new prisons in countries like Nigeria to speed up the process of sending foreign criminals home. Up to £1m has been promised to upgrade Nigerian jails, including a new wing at Kirikiri Prison in Lagos.

But to date little progress has been made. When the coalition was formed there were 11,135 foreign prisoners in UK jails, and this figure has fallen by just three per cent since to 10,786.

Each felon costs an average of around £40,000 a year to keep inside.



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  1. This simply outrageous. This guy’s should do their time in UK where the crime was committed. After all they were being taxed while they were living & working there. As for the grant to build more prisons, you can keep that for your British felons

  2. Will they send back Ibori, I think not. These prisoners coming back are costing UK £8,000,000. Big deal, the Ibori trial cost UK £5,000,000 plus the cost of investigation plus cost repatriation from Dubai + cost of incarceration + cost of appeal. Whearas his crime took place in Delta State in Nigeria. And he was arrested in Dubai and brought to UK.

    I am very happy that UK is looking after Nigeria’s corrupt politicians, I wish they would pick more. But I have to wonder as to their motive. Is Ibori the only one looting here in Nigeria.

    PS: The prisoners sent back to Nigeria will go free if they have enough money to pay off prison officials. No one who can afford it stays behind bars in Nigeria unless by special directive of the man at the top.

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