#GFDW2013: Ghana Fashion And Design Week – TAP DESIGNS (Day 1)

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TAP Designs, a contemporary ready to wear brand founded by Thorpe Weyinmi, Adeosun Toluwalase,  and Patrick Ifie – their brand name coined out of their surnames.

TAP Designs’ collection at the Ghana Fashion and Design Week  was an exciting one – pretty playful feminine is the only way to describe this collection.  Lace was the main fabric in colours of  Chartreuse and dusty pink, White and Black and a mix of both and Ankara Prints with hints on leather reigned supreme.

A particular ankara wrap dress – which seemed like a cross between ‘buba’ and wrapper rolled into one is a favourite from this collection.  Another favourite is the two piece Chartreuse colour outfit – simple but sexy with the single button which would work amazingly well with fuchsia pink or purple.

Also standing out is a two piece polka dot cropped top and high-waist skirt which can only be imagined with bright red lips and stilettos. There were definitely some good pieces from TAP designs.

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