#GFDW2013: Ghana Fashion And Design Week – Gloria Adablah (Day 1)

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The Ghana Fashion and Design Week 2013 Day 1 kicked off with Gloria Adablah, a graduate of Radford University College, Ghana.

A 7-capsule collection with blue-grey playing a dominant colour. First African collection with no print in sight. Soft cuts -very basic collection apart from one which stands out.

#GFDW2013 Day 1- Designers -Gloria Adablah-IMG_9508-360nobs #GFDW2013 Day 1- Designers -Gloria Adablah-IMG_9513-360nobs #GFDW2013 Day 1- Designers -Gloria Adablah-IMG_9520-360nobs #GFDW2013 Day 1- Designers -Gloria Adablah-IMG_9527-360nobs #GFDW2013 Day 1- Designers -Gloria Adablah-IMG_9532-360nobs #GFDW2013 Day 1- Designers -Gloria Adablah-IMG_9545-360nobs #GFDW2013 Day 1- Designers -Gloria Adablah-IMG_9555-360nobs #GFDW2013 Day 1- Designers -Gloria Adablah-IMG_9560-360nobs


Pictures: Ingigna/Kola Oshalusi



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