Four things a man notices in you at first glance

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It is said that a man decides the type of woman a lady is and if he wants to be with her in the first five minutes (or so) that he meets her.

It wasn’t said what exactly he sees that helps him form his decision but it is likely some or all of these things.

-Your beauty. Men usually notice a woman’s beauty almost immediately they set their eyes on them, it is one of the first things a man sees.

-Body. Just like the beauty, a man notices a woman’s body shape and features almost immediately he sees her. Most men decide if they like what they see in seconds.

-The lips. Men unlike women tend to think of a woman they find attractive in a sexual way almost immediately they sight them. Your lips are part of the things that draw his attention when he first sees you.

-Intellect. Moving from the physical, a man notices a woman’s smartness almost immediately after she has opened her mouth to speak. The way a conversation is carried or that jokes are reacted to would help him form the opinion of what type of person she is.




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